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John died in 1982. They raised five children, three daugh­ ters and two sons.

Mary married Mike Zatylny and farmed in the Rackham area before moving to Erickson. They raised three children, two sons and one daughter: Edward, Sylvia and Wayne. Mike passed away December 1999.

FLorence married Sam Shewchuk and farmed in the Ozerna area, and they now reside in Brandon. They had one daughter, Laurie.

Christine married Peter Zwarich and farmed in the Erickson area before moving to Olds, AB. They raised five children, one daughter and four sons: Carol, Larry, Leonard, Mervyn, and Murray.

Victor lives on the home place and farms the land.

He likes horses and hunting.

Elmer lives and farms with Victor. His hobby is collecting toy tractors.


Michael passed away on June 20, 1975. Margaret, born June 1, 19l3, worked in housekeeping at the Nordic Inn and also in private homes. She moved from NE 29- 17-18 (one mile south of Erickson) in May 1988 to an apartment in Erickson. Today, at 87 years old, Margaret still enjoys living on her own. She is a faithful parishioner of the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church in Erickson. Michael and Margaret had eight children: Ruth, Inez, Donald, Eleanor, Rudolph and Sherian, with two dying in infancy.

Ruth, born March 25, 1934, married Stan Usick and still resides in St. Catharines, ON. They have a daughter, Valerie, married and living in Mississauga, ON. Ruth does volunteer work at a personal care home and Stan is retired from the Public Utilities.

inez, born March 28, 1935, married Jim Stewart and they reside in Vancouver, BC. Her son, Dwayne, and wife, Cathy, reside in Maple Ridge, BC and they have two sons, Adam and Justin. Dwayne manages two timber mills. Her son, Vernon, resides in Vancouver, but spends many months of the year working on crnise ships as a musician.

Donald, born April 10, 1937 and wife Mildred reside in Vernon, BC. He is retired from the carpentry business. They had three children: Robert married, has three chil­ dren and is teaching in Vancouver; Kelly married, has three children and lives near Red Deer, AB; Scott lives in northern Alberta and operates his own trncking business.

Eleanor, born October 3, 1938, married Robert Vandewater and lives in Trenton, ON. They had two chil­ dren: Jackie married, has two children and lives in St. Catharines, ON; Grant married, has two children and lives in Trenton, ON. Robert passed away in December 1984.

Rudolph, born September 21, 1941, and wife Joan resided in St. Catharines, ON. Joan passed away in April

1981. They had four children, all living in St. Catharines; Brnce, married, has two children and works for Public Utilities; Carrie, married and has one child; Kevin, married, has two children and works with refrigeration; Lori, married and has two children. Rudy remarried in 1983. On June 9, 1985, Rudy passed away.

Sherian, born Febrnary 1, 1949. (See Chemerika, Larry and Sherian)

Editor S Note: Jim Stewart passed away March 22, 2000.


John Braschuk Sr. was born and raised in Rackham, MB. In 1963, John married Paula Brygider of Winnipeg, MB. They had three children: John Jr. (1964), Craig (1965) and Tracey (1969). On July 1, 1977 John and Paula purchased the Gold Nugget Service in Erickson and moved from Winnipeg. Paula was a working manager of the busi­ ness while John managed the garage and acted as mechanic. The children all attended Erickson Elementary School and Erickson Collegiate. They all worked with their parents to make the Gold Nugget a successful business.

In 1984, John became the Garage Supervisor of Riding Mountain National Park Maintenance Department. Also, in 1984, Craig joined the Canadian Navy and trav­ elled to numerous places including Denmark, Holland and England. He retired after five years of service with an honourable discharge.

In 1986, John Jr. married Kim Taylor of Erickson.

They have two children: Melissa (1984) and John Jr. Jr. (1989). Their family currently resides in Erickson and John Jr. is employed at Riding Mountain National Park.

Craig married Darlene Grover of Nova Scotia in 1988. They moved to Winnipeg, MB where they still reside. They have two sons: Travis (1993) and Tanner (1996). Craig is employed as a Sales Manager at Orion Chev­ Olds, while Darlene is a registered hair stylist and retail merchandiser.

Tracey graduated and moved to Kenora, ON where she met Dave Tyler, a Commercial Pilot. They were married in 1989 and their daughter, Leah, was born in 1990. Suddenly and sadly, Dave was killed in a plane crash in 1995. Tracey and Leah now reside in Brandon, MB.

John Sr. retired from Parks Canada in 1998 and resumed his role as mechanic at the Gold Nugget. John and Paula still own and operate the Gold Nugget and plan to retire in the Erickson area along with watch dogs, Tina and Nugget, their mother and daughter golden labs.