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It is indeed a great privilege and honour to serve the people of Erickson as Mayor during such Historic times - the dawning of the New Millennium. As we look in anticipation towards the 21 st Century we must reflect on all past accomplishments which contributed so much to where we are today. Our gratitude goes out to the pioneers and those before us who toiled so hard, sometimes under adverse conditions, so that we may enjoy the fruits of their labour. We can only hope that we too may leave as good a legacy so that future generations may enjoy and appreciate. This we can surely accomplish through co-operation, mutual respect, and by taking pride in our community.

I wish to commend all the many individuals and groups that have worked so hard to assist in making this town such a wonderful place to live. We can be most proud of all our volunteers. Events like the Homecoming 2000, the Official Opening of the TransCanada Trail, and others would not have been possible. I'd like to thank the Town Council and Staff for their dedication and support. You've certainly made my job so much easier and it's a real pleasure to work with such a dedicated group.

On a personal note, my wife, Frances, and I wish to thank everyone for the wonderful years we've enjoyed in this community. Our move in 1964 was certainly a good one. I couldn't think of a better place to raise a family. Although our children are all grown and gone they will always cherish the good memories they left behind. Regardless what the future holds in store for them or us, Erickson will always be considered 'home'.

May I extend best wishes, good health, and God's blessings to everyone. Working together we can and will make a difference. Hoping to serve you in the best way I can, I remain

Respectfully yours, Wally Yanchycki, Mayor