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Pearl Hall

Pearl's daughter, Joan, is married to Barry Elliott.

Joan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1997. They sold their home outside Edmonton and bought a trailer so they could be together at Barry's work. Barry retired from pipeline construction and consulting and these two events freed them up for some travel and visiting with their eight grandchildren. Pearl's daughter, Janice has retired, left Calgary and moved to Abbotsford, BC to be near her daughter and grandchildren.

Editor's Note: Pearl Hall passed away April 13, 2001.


This is an update only to the 1884-1984 ~.1Q fu1.d. history of Clanwilliam and Erickson. (Page 401)

Ellen has five grandchildren and seven great-grand­ children, and lives in Abbotsford, Be. Ellen and Harry celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary in 1999.

Astrid has three grandchildren and one great-grand­ daughter and lives in Selkirk, MB. Astrid and Jack celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary in 1999.

Signe had ten grandchildren. Signe and Joe cele­ brated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1992. Signe passed away on November 19, 1997, and Joe Brako passed

away on December 6,1996.

Lorna has four grandchildren Be. Lorua and Eldon celebrated annrversary in 1999.

and lives in Kelowna, their 50th wedding

Ivan has six grandchildren and lives in Ucluelet, BC.

Ivan and Molly celebrated their 31 st wedding anniversary in 1999.

Evelyn had eight grandchildren. Evie and Jack cele­ brated their 35th wedding anniversary in 1988. Evelyn passed away November 15, 1991.

Eldyne has six grandchildren and lives in PortAlbemi, Be. Eldyne and Stan celebrated their 45th wedding anniver­ saryin 1999.

Clarice has three grandchildren and lives in Port Alberui, BC. Clarice and Holgar celebrated their 31 st wedding anniversary in 1999.

Jeanette has three grandchildren and lives in Port Albemi, Be.


The dairy farm that began with four Holstein heifers in 1975 has now expanded to twenty-five cows. Although it is sometimes difficult arriving late at functions and leav­ ing them early, our friends have accommodated us by planning events around our schedule.

Gord's interest in biology and his love of animals keep him busy on the farm most of the time. He also enjoys read­ ing, canoeing, and visiting with friends.

Marg has served on the Credit Committee of Erickson Credit Union, the Board of Directors of Erickson Co-op, and the Rolling River School Board. She is currently on the Board of Parkland Home and the Minnedosa Adult Literacy group. She also enjoys helping at the baru, read­ ing, baking, gardening and doing crafts.

Sally and Kevin attended Erickson Elementary School and Erickson Collegiate and are presently attending the University of Manitoba. In addition to doing their bam chores daily, they both took part in skating lessons, Ukrainian Dance lessons, 4-H, and baseball while in elementary schoo 1.

At the Collegiate, Sally was on soccer, basketball, baseball and badminton teams. She was prompter for the drama production in 1996 and was secretary ofthe Student Council. During the summers from 1995-97, she worked at Sportsman's Park at Onanole.

Kevin played on volleyball, soccer, baseball and badminton teams at the collegiate. He competed at the Provincial badminton competition in 1998 and 1999. In 1998, Kevin entered a mathematics contest from the University of Waterloo and ranked in the top 25 per cent. He also took part in the drama production in 1999 and has been a comic book collector for many years. His summer job was at Cones 'n' Things at Clear Lake from 1997-99.

In 1988, Gord and Marg made their first trip to Cuba, and nearly every winter since then have taken a Caribbean holiday, sometimes alone and sometimes with the family.