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Landon (7), Drake (5) and Tessa (J 112) 1999

Trevor showed an interest in trncks and machinery from an early age. If Trevor wasn't going to work with his dad, he could probably be found making work for hi dad when he got home, having taken something apart. He continued this ritual until he became a teenager and found new interests.

He started playing hockey at the tender age of four and continues to play in the WWHL and the Onanole Hockey League today. Trevor graduated form Crocus Plains Secondary School in 1991. While in school, Trevor played football and, to this day, continues his friendships with many of his teammates.

Trevor worked at several positions, including one in Clear Lake, until finding a career in Winnipeg with Grinnel Fire Protection. In his spare time, you can often find him spending time with his nephews and niece, a pastime they all enjoy.


Aileen (Lee) and Roy Bridger had three children. James was born in 1957 and married Sandy Scott in 1981. They had two daughters: Corresa and Alicia. Jim and Sandy are now separated.

Donald was born in 1959 and married Julie Mann in 1980. They have two daughters: Carla and Caitlin.

Lorraine was born in 1961 and married Sherman Hemeon in 1983. They had two daughters: Angela and Emily. They are divorced. Lorraine married Clarence Duits, and they have a son, Matthew.

Aileen married Walter Johnston in 1988, after Walter retired to Victoria.

Merrill Lee died in April 1999.

LEGANCHUK, JAMES AND MARY Submitted by James and Mary

Standing: Rosalyn, Caroline, Eileen, Edina, Karl, Milton, Larry and Keith

Seated: Mary and James

James was born on September 22, 1924, to Joseph and Maria (nee Chastko), on 25-18-20 in Harrison Municipality. Mary was born on September 8, 1928, to Caroline (nee Zatylny) and Matthew Marcino, on 36-16- 19, in Harrison Municipality.

Both of us attended Makepeace School in Harrison Municipality (SW 34-16-19) which was about eight miles North of Basswood. Makepeace was a name for us to remember. After schooling and working out, on October 9, 1948 we were married at St. Judes Church in Erickson.

Then came the life of a family! First we took a honey­ moon trip to Toronto, only to find out we had to find jobs out there. We worked at a meat plant and chocolate plant to earn enough money to get back to the home grounds.

In the spring of 1949, we hired on with Mr. Abe Hetherington on the farm, with Mary doing all the chores, milking six cows, doing housework and cooking. James did field work and looked after a herd of cattle, put up hay by fork fulls as there were no loaders or balers. The good wage for both of us was $1,000.00 a year. We did this for three years. Then we started renting land in the area. We had five quarters and things went well. In 1962, we purchased the E 112 16-17-19, the former Alex Sawisky farm.

In the meantime, many other things happened. By 1965, we had a family of nine children: never a dull moment around this home! Edina was born in 1950; Karl was born in 1951; Milton was born in 1954; Dave was born in 1955 (deceased 1973); Eileen was born in 1957; Larry was born in 1959; Caroline was born in 1960; Rosalyn was born in 1962; and Keith was born in 1965. The children received their education, starting in 1955, at Fraser School. Then, in 1961, they went to Sandy Lake. They finished their high school education in 1971 at Erickson Collegiate.