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Our children, Candace and Lori, completed their education and graduated from Morden Collegiate.

Candace moved into Winnipeg and secured a job with Hy-Line Credit Union and has since taken on a new position with Holy Spirit Credit Union. She has now completed over 5 years at her new employer. In June 1999, Candace married Paul Remillard, who is an industrial engi­ neer and works for E.H. Price of Winnipeg. They purchased their first home this year in Windsor Park area of Winnipeg and are now busy homeowners.

Lori took an opportunity to spend three months tour­ ing Europe after graduation and then enrolled in a two-year Art and Design Course at Red Deer College in Red Deer, AB. Lori will graduate from Red Deer College in May 2000 and hopes to find employment that will complement her education.

Sharon has worked at a senior home in Morden, and was a teacher's assistant at Morden Elementary. As well as keeping our family home and doing various volunteer work, Sharon enjoys many hobbies like flower decora­ tions, gardening, stained glass work, etc.

Ken has been busy with Morden Credit Union over the past 15 years. Both Ken and Sharon have volunteered for Christmas Cheer, Library Book Sale, Com and Apple Festival, Elks of Morden, Redskins Hockey, Ducks Unlimited and International Golf to name a few. Ken has also been extensively involved in various Credit Union related organizations, like Cooperators Insurance, Cool Trnst Co. of Canada, Credit Union Central of Manitoba and many committees within these groups.

Time slips by quickly and thoughts of retirement over the next 5-7 years are occupying some of our time. We will likely be near our family and in a city, but more planning and constant change will playa part.


In the year 1928, Arvid Lundin left his home in Nasaker, Angermanland, Sweden, at the age of nineteen years. In July, he boarded the Swedish-American Liner Gripsholm at Goteborg, and had a seasick journey across the Atlantic Ocean, landing in Halifax, then on West by rail. The train had a derailment in Ontario bushland and was stranded for three days. The passengers spent their time picking blueberries. Finally the train was back on the tracks heading west. Arvid was to meet his brother, asker, and wife, Alice, at Shaunavon, SK. He got ajob with a farmer during harvest and fall work. In November, they all decided to go to Erickson, MB. The brothers bought the NE 21- 17-18 where asker farmed and Arvid worked on Highway Construction, lumber mills and also for farmers in the district. In 1933, asker decided to return to Sweden with his family as he found it impossible to make a decent living at farming. Barley was selling for 19 cents a bushel

while the cost of threshing the grain cost 11 cents per bushel; so, he had an auction sale and left Canada.

Arvid continued to work at jobs available. In 1934, he married Mabel Benson, daughter of Charles and Signe Benson. They had two sons: Aymer, born on October 10, 1935, and Bryne, born on April 30, 1939. They attended Erickson School. For transportation to school, they drove their pony called 'King'.

In 1938, they bought SW 27-17-18 Wand began farming with a four-horse outfit, Later, they bought a trac­ tor and rented N 11222-17-18 W. Arvid was a member of the Manitoba Pool Elevators and sold milk with the United Milk Producers. He milked approximately 20 cows by hand until his death in June 1967.

Mabel kept the farm and had it rented out until 1975, when she sold it. She moved her house into Erickson in the fall of 1967 and spent summers working at the Wasagaming Golf Club as a pastry maker until she retired. Mabel curled for many years and also enjoyed bowling. She was a member of the Lutheran Ladies Auxiliary and taught Sunday School when her boys were small. Mabel lived in her own house until poor health forced her to move to a care home in Rivers, MB in August 1999.

Aymer married Kathleen Kingdon, daughter of Elsie and Clarence Kingdon from the Crocus District in April 1958. In July 1959, they left for Port Alice, BC, where Aymer was employed as a Shipper-Receiver for Rayonier Canada Pulp Mill, until, due to poor health, he was forced to take early retirement in 1991. In October 1992, they moved to Comox, Be. They have a family of three:

Brnce Kenneth was born on January 27, 1960. He took his schooling in Port Alice and Port McNeill, grad­ uating in 1978. He worked at the Port Alice Mill for a few years; then on the 'V ecture', an environmental ship out of Victoria, for a couple of years. In 1983, he returned to work in the Port Alice Pulp Mill. In May 1988, Brnce married Ruth Gregory, a nurse from Victoria. They have one daughter, Jessica Marie, born on June 3, 1995. Brnce is a great collector of information on ships and tugboats on the West Coast and, in his spare time, does some free­ lance writing and picture taking for a magazine called.Ihl:. ~~Mariner

Diane Mabel was born on September 25, 1962 and was educated in Port Alice and Port McNeill, graduating in 1980. While growing up in Port Alice she belonged to the Brownies and Guides, figure skated and curled. She married Russell Inglis in June 1981 and they reside across from the Pulp Mill on an acreage. They have four sons:

Chris, born on March 30, 1983; Mark, born on September 21, 1984; Richard, born on April 18, 1988; and John, born on August 17, 1990.

Cheryle Lynn was born on August 26, 1963. She was educated also in Port Alice and Port McNeill, graduating III 1981. She went on to Nanaimo College and took a