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Gustav and Matilda's children:

Theodore passed away on November 13, 1989 in Abbottsford, BC, where his widow, Ruth, still lives.

Rodney passed away on May 10, 1995 in Kelowna, Be. His widow, Eleanor, still resides there.

Einar is a resident in the Personal Care Home in Erickson.

Thelma continues to live in Canfield, ON with her husband, Gordon Wilson.

Lennart passed away on December 2, 1987 Victoria, where his widow, Janet, still resides.

Beatrice (See Warrington, Percy and Edna).

MADILL, ROBERT "ANGUS" AND IRENE Submitted by Elaine Lougheed

Irene and Angus Madill

Angus and Irene continued to live in their home on I st. N.

Angus's mother, Jessie Fatima Madill, passed away October 29, 1986 one month after her 90th birthday.

Angus's health began to fail in 1985 and he passed away at the Erickson District Hospital on February 27, 1989 and was laid to rest in the Erickson Cemetery. Unable to keep up their home alone, Irene moved into Parkland Home. Irene found companionship with John Stone and they were married at the Erickson Lutheran Church on December 26, 1990. When the Peter Abel suites opened Irene was thrilled to be one of the first occupants and still resides there. John loved to watch and discuss sports and enjoyed playing bingo. He succumbed to cancer on May 9, 1994 and is buried at the Bethel Cemetery.

Blake Angus Madill still resides in St. Albert, AB.

After his years with Beaver Lumber, Cedarwood and

Wellwood of Canada, Blake ventured into business on his own. He is founder and principal of Formations, Inc., which now encompasses 6 Wholesale Distribution Centres across Canada, and Blake manages the Edmonton Centre. His work demands extensive travel so having both of his children live nearby is a real plus. Sean Angus (April 12, 1969) graduated from an Accounting & Finance program at N.A.l.T. in Edmonton and is an employee of Formations, Inc. Sean and his partner, Christine Hodgins, live in Edmonton. Stephanie Dawn (August 20, 1972), after grad­ uation, worked as a Supervisor for the Edmonton Crisi & Sexual Assault Centre and she also lives in Edmonton.

Brian, Colin, Kyle, Elaine and Brett

Elaine Katharyne (Madill) and her husband, Brian Russel Lougheed, continue to live in their home at 16 Queen Elizabeth Rd. Brian is still employed at Clarence Carter Ltd. and is active in the Lion's Club, Male Chorus, and Chamber of Commerce. Elaine has kept busy raising their three sons and has worked at the Royal Bank since 1988. She has served in various capacities at the Erickson Lutheran Church, as well as serving on boards and commit­ tees that her or the boys have been involved in. Colin Brian (March 10, 1975) graduated from E.e.J. and then went to Brandon University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree (English). He spent one year in Winnipeg and attended Robertson Career College graduating from the Radio-TV Broadcasting course. In June 1999 Colin moved to Sioux Lookout, ON and was employed as

reporter/photographer for the Sioux Lookout Bulletin.

Colin is looking forward to returuing to Brandon, MB in April 2000 and will be employed with CKLF-FM as a copywriter. Brett Patrick (October 20, 1978) graduated from E.e.I. and continued his education in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba, majoring in History. Brett is look­ ing forward to receiving his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in 2000 and plans to continue with his Masters in Archival History. Kyle Mathew (July 29, 1983) continues