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east of the town of Erickson. I attended school at Erickson and was confirmed in Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Although times were not always easy, growing up near the shore of Otter Lake with my brother, Don, and sister, Eleanor, was a wonderful experience for me. We learned a lot about nature as much of our spare time was spent walking through the bush and along the lakeshore where there was an abundance of all kinds of birds and animals. The lake provided enjoyment in the summer, for fishing and swimming, and work in the winter, helping Dad cut ice and haul it to town, and also for trapping muskrats, mink, and weasels. In winter the lake also provided a new route in to town, as many people from the Hilltop and Scandinavia Districts drove their horses and sleighs across the lake through our farm yard and in to town.

At age 15, I started working at my Uncle Wally's bakery in Erickson and worked there for two years. In July 1952, I moved to Brandon and began working at Macleods Store on Rosser Avenue. On September 2, 1954, I married Dorothy Zahara ofStenen, SK. Dorothy worked as staff supervisor next door at the Commodore Bakery and Cafe. We were married in St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Y orkton, SK.

In January 1957, I was transferred to Portage La Prairie as assistant store manager, and in January 1959, I was transferred to Saskatoon, SK. as District Manager. After travelling Saskatchewan and part of Alberta for twelve years, our family was growing up and I decided to get off the road. We then bought our first Macleods Authorized Dealer Franchise at Wynyard, SK. After oper­ ating this store for twelve years we sold the franchise and purchased our second store at Nipawin, SK, which we operated for five years with our oldest son and his wife and our youngest son. After leaving the retail business, I began managing a Seniors' Housing complex and did part time work at Coventry Funeral Chapel in Nipawin. During this time I also did some work for the Federal Business Development Bank which was doing small business train­ ing courses in Nipawin. In January 1996, we began retirement and moved back to Saskatoon. After several years of retirement, we found it was not for us and are both doing part time work. Dorothy works part time at a Dollar Store and volunteers one day a week at St. Paul's Hospital in the Palliative Care Ward. ] work part time at McKague's Funeral Chapel. Weare also active in our church, Redeemer Lutheran, and have completed the course in Stephen Ministry and are involved in that program.

Our family is spread out over this wonderful coun­ try so we have lots of opportunity for travel to our son and family in Alberta, our daughter and family in Winnipeg, our youngest daughter and family in Australia and our youngest son and family who live in Saskatoon.

Our children are:

Kenneth Carl was born in Brandon, MB on December 20, 1956. He attended John Lake School in Saskatoon and Wynyard Composite High School in Wynyard, SK, where he graduated. After graduating he moved to Saskatoon and began working for Macleods. He married Jolene Wilson of Saskatoon. They have three children: Jordan Lee was born September 18, 1983; Scott Kenneth was born December 1, 1985; and Kelsey Anne was born September 1, 1989.

Ken is District Sales Manager for a farm parts company travelling southern Alberta and Be. Jolene is a homemaker. They live at Nobleford, AB.

Patricia Marie was born in Portage la Prairie, MB. on October 16, 1958. She attended John Lake School in Saskatoon and Wynyard Composite High School, where she graduated. She moved to Saskatoon and worked for The Saskatoon Construction Association. She married Michael Johannesson otWynyard, SK and they have two children: Kevin Michael, born September 17, 1986; and Kimberley Dawn, born February 17, 1989. Patricia is a receptionist for a law firm in Winnipeg and Michael is a Civil Engineer with Manitoba Hydro. They live III Winnipeg, MB.

Cheryl Kim was born in Saskatoon on March 11, 1960. She attended John Lake School and graduated from Wynyard Composite High. She moved to Saskatoon and took a secretarial course. After graduating, she moved to Calgary and began working for Tri-Ocean Engineering. In 1982, she moved to Australia. She married Simon Price in Proserpine, Australia (now separated). They have three children: Daniel Francis, born November 16, 1984; Robert Charles, born May 1, 1986; and Rachael Anne, born September 6, 1990.

Kim is manager of Debt Collection, Townsville Office for the Australian government Taxation Department. Kim and family live in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Robert John was born in Saskatoon on July 4, 1969.

He attended Wynyard Elementary School and L.P. Miller Composite High School, Nipawin. He moved to Saskatoon and took a one-year university course at the U. of S. He then moved to Medicine Hat, AB and took three years Graphic Arts at Medicine Hat College. He married Linda Kobrynsky of Saskatoon. They have one child, Matthew Jack, born December 2, 1999. Robert works for The Western Producer in technical services and Linda works for Federated Co-op as an accounting clerk in Saskatoon head office. They live in Saskatoon.


Kenneth Dale was born in Erickson, MB on April 21, 1948. He was educated at Onanole Elementary until 11 years of age when his family moved to Winnipeg. Growing up in the country, Ken's pastimes were hunting and trap-