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After many years as a volunteer with the Heart Foundation as Campaign Chairman for the city of Winnipeg, a committee member for The Starry Starry Evening Gala in aid of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and a member of the committee for the Fantasy Auction Evening in aid of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Gwen has retired form most of her volunteering. Her new role has become one of grandparenting their four grandchildren.

Tannis graduated from Balmoral Hall School for Girls and after a few years of University, she worked for seven years at Gemini Fashions of Canada. She married Michael Scott on June 1, 1991. Mike is the Sales Manager for the Children's Wear Division of Gemini Fashions. They have 3 children: Matthew, born July 5, 1995; Abigail, born Febmary 20, 1997; and William born May 20, 1999.

Sharon graduated form Balmoral Hall School for Girls and the University of Manitoba with a Degree in Human Ecology majoring in Family Studies. She worked for a giftware store for a few years and then was employed in the merchandising and design department at Gemini Fashions. She married Lawrence (Laurie) Gorenstein on November 4, 1995, and they have one son, Shea, born December 29, 1999. Laurie is manager of his family's business, Moule, which has stores in Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Bradley graduated from St. John's Ravenscourt School and the University of British Columbia with an Honour's degree in Commerce. He is employed by Loring Ward division of Assante Capital Corporation in their Los Angeles office. He is engaged to Lisa Pedersen who is graduating from Law in 2000 from the University of Toronto.

Clare (See McInnes, Clare and Alice).


Kristy, Muriel, John and Free

John Melvin McKay was born September 23, 1959 in Manitou, MB. Muriel Christine Marie Girouard Vermiere was born March 14, 1959 in Winnipeg, MB. They were married September 12, 1992 in Jamaica.

We lived in Swan Lake, MB, with daughter, Kristy Lee Vermiere, until 1995. We travelled and came to this area to buy SW 28-17-17 from Larry Hansen in the fall of 1996. We found the area quite breathtakingly peaceful with so much of nature around. Our plans were to make a living off the land, by using agricultural practices that would not harm or interfere too much with the natural beauty and balance of our surroundings. The well was dug in 1996. In the spring of 1997, we came and lived in the motorhome while the house was moved, the road built and the hydro put in. The neighbors were friendly and a lot of help!

Free Miracle Joseph was born September 17,1997, and in November 1997, we finally moved into the house. By the year 1998, the land was' certified organic'.

John was killed April 16, 1998, at the age of38 and is buried in Hilltop Cemetery.

In 1999 the bam and granaries were moved, cattle bought and our first certified organic crop harvested. At the end of 1999, the farm was officially named 'McKay Pond View Organics'.

Free will always be reminded of his father's gentle nature; that it's better to smile than to frown, and that we can make a positive difference.


Mike and Mary continued to enjoy their retirement years in Neepawa, where Mary loved to work in her garden. Their family continued to go their separate ways. Myron has spent many years working for various farmers in the West Central Manitoba area.

Myron Melnyk