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Russell continues to be active in the municipality, as he is Reeve of the RM of Clanwilliam (since 1983) and he is serving on several boards and committees. Kaye continues to be employed by the Rolling River School Division where she is working at the Erickson Collegiate.

The Tiller family has also expanded. Susan, the oldest, resides in Edmonton with her 2 children, Kandace (born September 25, 1985) and Dustin (born January 18, 1988). Susan is employed in the nursing field.

Kelvin continues to reside in Hamiota where he is employed by the Manitoba Crop Insurance Corporation as an agent. He has 2 children: Kelly Lewis (born November 4, 1985) and Nicole Grace (born January 7, 1989). Kelvin just built a new home on the SE 10-18-18. He tries to spend as much time as possible on the farm helping with all the activities.

Dennis and Sheila (Chemerika) were married on July 4, 1992 and now reside in their new home on the old Tiller home place (NE 18-18-17W). Dennis is employed by Heritage Co-op where he drives a fuel truck. Sheila is also employed by Heritage Co-op where she works in the meat department. Dennis and Sheila have one child, Ashton, born March 18, 1993.

Kenny, the youngest of the Tiller children, plans to marry Lisa Gregorash on June 24,2000 and they will reside on the old Kelly Carlson farm (SE 4-18-18W). Kenny has chosen to farm with his father and Lisa is employed by the Erickson Health Care Center as a Dietary Aid.


Bill is owner operator of Neepawa Lumber and Supply Mftg. Ltd., which trades as Alumalite Windows. Bill got his pilot's license many years ago and spent many happy hours flying. He was very active in the Neepawa Flying Club until an inner ear problem forced him to give it up. He especially enjoyed the fly-in fishing trips to Pelican Narrows. Bill married Beryl Mayor (Burkett) at their cottage at Ditch Lake on August 1, 1987, with all of their families present. Bill and Beryl square danced with the Erickson Swinging Eights and the Brandon Satalite Squares for many years. Beryl continues her love of dance by clogging with clubs in Neepawa and Brandon. Bill continues his love of fishing on Ditch Lake on a pontoon boat that he built himself. Beryl retired from nursing in 1991. Bill continues to run his business.

Bill's oldest daughter, Barbara, trained as a dental assistant. She and her husband, Dr. Craig Fedorowich, have a dental practice in Hamiota, MB. They have one son, Kardy Leagh, born on September 15, 1993.

Lynda, her husband Barry Robbins, and their two sons live in Calgary, AB. Logan Neil was born on September 25, 1987. Kyle Rhys was born on June 22, 1990. Lynda took her Registered Nurses' training in Calgary

and worked at the Calgary General for many years. In 1999 she took a position in the Computer Dept. of the Calgary Health Authority.

Scott married Denise Fedak. They have one daugh­ ter, Samantha Brittany, born December 1, 1990. Scott and Denise were divorced recently. Scott works with his father at Alumalite Windows.


As written by grandchildren Charlotte Mullen, Eleanor Purpur, Judy Windsor, Robert Small and Lawrence Thaczuk Submitted by Charlotte Mullen

Nicholi (Nicholas) and Rose (Oleniuk)

It is sad that we today have to rely on what was heard amongst family relatives while quite young, to learn about our ancestors. Nothing was written, and records are hard to come by as in those days birth, baptism, marriage and death records were often not kept, possibly because of the distance one had to travel to register. The clerks sometimes misspelled the names, the people could not understand, read or write English, and had no means of transportation. Baptism, marriage and death records were also kept by the churches but some were lost in fires and/ or were lost when they were moved from one parish to another when the parishes were closed. We do not know now, nor will we ever know, exactly what happened. So, it is from what information we have heard that we base the story of our grandparents, the Tkaczuk family.

My great grandparents were Michaylo and Frances Tkaczuk as recorded in Nicholi's, my grandfather, pass­ port. We also know that Nicholas and Rose, who could neither read or write English, let alone speak the language, came to Canada with at least three of the children who were born in Poland.

We do know that Nicholas had been in the Polish Army and that he was a big, tall, strapping man with gray­ ing hair and blue eyes. Rose was small built, with black hair and blue eyes. These are how my father, John, remem­ bers them.

My grandparents came to Canada from Galicia, Poland. They arrived by boat leaving from Hamburg, Germany and landing at Halifax, Nova Scotia in the spring of 1901. When Nicholas and Rose arrived in Canada, they took the train from Halifax and were let off at Strathclair with other fellow countrymen who had heard of this great land. From Strathclair they travelled by horse and wagon to Rose's parents (maternal grandparents), Harry and Katherine Oleniuk at Olha, MB. Harry and Katherine had arrived the previous year. They (Nick and Rose) built a log house on the property and remained there for a couple of years. They then stayed at Rose's brother, Roman Oleniuk and his wife, Magda's, place. The length of time they stayed there is unknown. It is believed that Prosaks