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A & A CONSTRUCTION Submitted by Albert Jolmson

A business handling excavating, trenching, hauling and landscaping was registered in the Manitoba files in May 1968, under the ownership of Arthur Holmberg and Albert Jolmson. Purchased from Jolm Gustafson Construction, we started with a backhoe and dump truck (both new at the time), a Michigan loader, and a Bantom sod cutter, two old 112 ton trucks and lots of work as waterworks were just coming on stream in the rural area. The Village of Sandy Lake was just having their water mains installed and the Village of Erickson was growing with about 10 new houses every year.

The Department of Highways was a big customer as they worked all the roads under the Goverument of Park, now covering the area from Miunedosa to the RM of Rossbum. Riding Mountain National Park also required a lot of time. After the first year, we purchased a second back­ hoe, as we could not keep up with the work.

We also dug all the swimming pools in Wasagaming

- the Thunderbird being the first. The Cumming Bros. from Brandon did the cement work. Jolmsons did their pool at the same time and Lees, the following year. We also did all the landscaping around the pools and installed the walk and sod area. We cut sod on Melvin Wetteland's farm and Tales School land. Pete, Andy, Joe and Steve Rubachuk worked for us, laying sod. We were also a Barkman Concrete dealer from day one and are still today, being the longest dealer in their operation.

We also did all the work for the Rolling River Reserve in the summer and plowed snow from their roads and lanes in the winter under the management of Chief Jim Sharmacappo a great guy. In the spring of 1975, Art Holmberg sold his share as he wanted to try the hotel busi­ ness, leaving Albert the sole owner. In 1983, we did the Main Street sidewalks in Erickson. It was one of the largest contracts undertaken by my fiun and we completed it in 2 months with eight employees. We were also involved with Fiber Optic Cable coming to Erickson. MTS was a regu-

lar customer for many years under Bud Johnson,


In 1988, we developed 16 building sites for Atco

Development from Calgary for Manitoba Housing, leveled lots, dug wells, built driveways, put in septic tanks and land­ scaped in Erickson, Onanole, Angusville, Inglis, Roblin, Ochre River, Eddystone, Cyle, Alonsa and Amaranth. In the latter years, our business has changed more to the land­ scaping and some building as the small centers are not growing and the rural areas are declining in population. Recreation and Tourism is on the up so we continue to do extensive work in the Clear Lake area.

Just for the record:
1968 gasoline was .36 per gallon
2000 gasoline was $3.36 per gallon
1967 new backhoe $13,600.00
1999 new backhoe $89,000.00
1967 new S.A. Gravel truck $ 7,800.00
2000 new S.A. Gravel truck $56,000.00


In July] 991, after 44 years of business, owner Barney Berkowski, of Barney's Service Station, affiliated with Shell Canada, retired. Looking back through all the years of business, the service station was very successful includ­ ing an excellent clientele with many great stories and memones. Barney appreciates and would like to thank all his past customers for their patronage in all the years of business.


Beaver Lumber was built and established in Erickson III 1958. In 1977 it was bought and operated by Clarence and Lily Carter, operating as a Beaver Franchise Home Centre under Clarence Carter Ltd. The company was taken over by Grant Carter in 1996. It still operates under the trade name of Beaver Lumber.


Owned and operated by Dawn Bennett, Dawn's Cuts and Crafts opened for business in July 1998. It is a home­ based operation offering a hair salon as well as homemade crafts and other assorted knickknacks. Situated in the home of Steven and Dawn Beunett at 35 2nd Street SW, Erickson, MB, Dawn's Cuts and Crafts is usually open Monday to Saturday.


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