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Collin David Charles was born in St. Anthony's Hospital at The Pas on December 22, 1971. He attended school in The Pas and Winnipeg. He has worked for MacDonald's Restanrant for the past 15 years and is now manager. He married Alison Kolbuck on May 31, 1996. They have one son, Conner David Branden, born June 25, 1999. Alison works for the Seven Oaks School Division and they live in Winnipeg.

Carrie Dianne was born in St. Anthony's Hospital in The Pas on October 24, 1972. She attended school in The Pas and Winnipeg. She married Ross Hominuk on September 2, 1995. They have one daughter, Alyssa Dianne, born July 24, 1999. Carrie works for the Toronto Dominion Bank in Winnipeg and Ross is a civil engineer and works for Underwood and McLellan Ltd. They reside in Winnipeg.

Cameron David William was born in The Pas in St.

Anthony's Hospital on October 17, 1976. He attended school in Winnipeg. He is now employed by Caddy Shed and Golf Dome as a golf instructor. Cam and Melonie have a son, Ethan David Alan, born September 28, 1999, and they reside in Winnipeg.

Donna Lynn was born in the Dauphin General Hospital on October 15, 1955. She attended school in The Pas. She was very active in fignre skating and softball. She spent her summers at her parent's cabin at Clear Water Lake, where she loved water skiing and was very good at it. She loved sewing and crafts. She married the boy from across the street, Robert Palmer, on August 28, 1976, in Christ Anglican Chnrch in The Pas. They have two chil­ dren. Timothy Robert William was born in Grace Hospital in Winnipeg on October 18, 1980. Sarah Lynn was born in Grace Hospital in Winnipeg on June 14, 1982. Bob is manager of Computer Services with Canada Agricultnre and Research. They now reside in Winnipeg.

Douglas William Henry was born in the Sherritt Gordon Hospital in Lynn Lake on October 21, 1957. He attended school in The Pas and attended trade school in Winnipeg, taking plumbing. He served his apprenticeship working in his father's shop. He was very active in fignre skating, hockey and fishing. He also spent all of his summers at his parent's cabin where he enjoyed water skiing. He married Sandra Ohym in Christ Anglican Chnrch on August 29, 1981. They have two children, Courtney Mamie and Garrett Douglas Gordon. Doug took over the family plumbing and heating business, which he operates today. Sandra works for the Kelsey School Division. They reside in The Pas.

After retiring, Gordon and Gladys built a new home on the site of the old Bethel Store and Post Office where they now live. They have just finished celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary, and enjoy their retirement.

UHL, BOB AND LAVERNE Submitted by La Verne Uhl

Bob and LaVerne continued farming but in 1986 Bob

gained seasonal employment with Hugh Munroe

Construction and worked in various parts of Manitoba and Ontario. LaVerne worked at the Pharmacy for a time and has been employed at the Erickson Hospital since 1989. Bob has resided in Kenora, ON since the summer of 1996 while La Verne still maintains the farm along with her oldest son, Jayson, and family. LaVerne's youngest son, Jeffrey, chose to leave the farm to further his education.

Jayson spent many summers working at Sportsman's Park and, for the last several years, he has worked at Beatty's Esso. On July 26, 1997 he married Nancy Cornell of Brandon ME. Nancy was employed with West Fit Physio before moving to Erickson where she has worked at the Clear Lake Golf Conrse and for Dr. Amarasekera. They are expecting their first child in 2000.

Jeffrey attended the University of Manitoba and grad­ uated with a degree in Pharmacy. He worked for a short time in Brandon, ME, but now resides and operates his own business in Winnipeg, MB. He married Jeanne Meaney and they have 2 children: Syngeon, born July 4, 1991, and Rainah, born March 13, 1996. Jeanne is a Dental Assistant and has returned to University, hoping to pnrsue a career in Physiotherapy.

Editor S Note: Jayson and Nancy welcomed their daugh­ ter, Bobbi Rae Uhl, on Febrnary 9, 2000. Jeffrey and Jeanne were married June 3, 2000.


Earl Patrick Ullberg met Eleanor Ellen Gunnarson and they were married on September 15, 1951. Together they raised three children in Erickson, MB. In 1969 they moved to Brandon, MB. Earl retired from Manitoba Hydro in 1989.

Their first born was a daughter. Sharon Lynne was born on September 18, 1952. She married David Hoar from Nova Scotia. Together they worked in Israel. They had two children, both born in Israel. Lawrence William was born May 29, 1984, and a daughter, Jennifer, was born December 6, 1985. Sharon and David, along with their children, left Israel and moved to Keswick, ON in March 1986. Sharon is the head Occupational Nnrse for Gamma Industries, located at Richmond Hill.

Earl and Eleanor's second child was also a daugh­ ter. Debbie Lou was born January 13, 1954. Debbie resided in Regina, SK. She has two children, a son, John Brett, born Febrnary 7, 1979, and a daughter, Tara Faith, born September 28, 1982. Debbie currently resides in Victoria, BC, where she owns and operates a cafe.