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Marlene, our second daughter, has maintained her career as an Occupational Therapist. She is currently employed at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children. Her love of nature keeps her and her partner, Ward Christiansen, very active with the Manitoba Naturalist Society.

Douglas, our only son, also lives in Winnipeg with his wife, Gloria, and three sons: Sean, nine years old; Steven, six years old; and Bryan, two years old. Douglas has maintained a career in Computer Programming but is no longer active with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. He remains active in sports, especially with his three boys.

Our connections to Erickson are still very special, and we visit the district at least once a year to renew acquain­ tances and friendships. We like to spend at least two weeks at Clear Lake each summer.

The late Ina and Wilfred Burkett are buried in the Erickson Cemetery; in that way, we will always remain connected.


The Wall Family

Thinking back to 1986 seems like a long time and many changes have taken place since then. We are still in good health and keep busy, but are thinking of retirement and going south for the winter. Our family is as follows:

Joan and Brock Neilson, Dana and Erik, reside in Winnipeg. Brock works as an electrician and does some hobby farming close to the city. Joan works part-time. Along with the millennium, they will be celebrating Dana's high school graduation, in the spring, and their 25th wedding anniversary in July. Erik is in grade 8. He was born November 21, 1986. He loves music and the computer. They all love to spend time at Clear Lake in the summer with friends and family and enjoy swimming, water skiing, etc.

Gladys and Dwight Ullberg both worked for Manitoba Hydro in The Pas. After 11 years in The Pas, they

now reside in Winnipeg. Dwight is still employed with Manitoba Hydro and Gladys is enjoying keeping up with the family. Dwight keeps very active with his children from coaching to participating in a marathon. Gladys loves watching and encouraging from the sidelines. Kristin grad­ uated from Westgate Mennonite Collegiate. She then attended Moorehead State on a Scholarship with volley­ ball. Now, she intends to further her education with a degree in Bachelor of Nursing. Colin will be part of 'Grad 2000' at Westgate Mennonite Collegiate. Colin has been very active in ball, volleyball and hockey.

Leona and her husband, Murray Wagner, moved to Ottawa, ON in 1992. Leona has continued to work for Native Organizations and currently, Murray works for the Department of Indian Affairs. In addition to working, Leona is taking courses at the University of Ottawa. Last summer, she spent five weeks in Quebec studying French. Leona and Murray enjoy travelling and camping in Ontario's parks. Leona's daughter, Lauren Anne, graduated from Carlton University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics and Sociology. She married Andrew Barbour of Ottawa in July 1998 and moved to Calgary, AB. Lauren and Andrew have since returned to Ottawa where they are working in the private sector. They enjoy visiting Erickson to visit with Lauren's grandparents.

Loren and Sandy Wall and family moved to Winnipeg III 1986. They are currently operating Sure Shot Express out of Winnipeg. Loren started Sure Shot Express, a long distance trncking company, in 1994. The business in now 14 trncks strong and doing very well. Lyndie, their daugh­ ter, graduated form River East Collegiate in 1997 and is currently taking Agri Business at the University of Manitoba. Jacob, their son, is currently enrolled at River East Collegiate and wi II be part of the graduating class of 2000.

WALSTROM, PETER AND ANNA Submitted by Elenor LeBeau

Edna (Holmstrom) Gustavson, daughter ofChas. and Annie (Walstrom) Holmstrom, died on September 17, 1990. Edna was predeceased by her husband, Ezra, on January 21,1983. They had one daughter. Noreen (Gustavson) Logan, husband, Ron, and daughter, Nancy Ann, (August 1985) live in Calgary, AB.

WARK, HARRY (MAC) AND ANNA (Refer to page 692 Volume 1 Eoresi, .10

Anna moved into the Parkland Home in Erickson III 1986, where she still resides.

Kenneth and Shirley are still in the Simmental cattle business and reside at Lake Audy. Kenneth is still employed as a pilot officer with Natural Resources for the province of Manitoba. Shirley was employed at Camp Wannakumbac