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vacated Hansen farm. The family lived there for five years before moving to their own property, which is located 112 mile SW from Kerrs Lake.

The Weedons moved the house built by Walter Peterson, in 1938, to their present location. Since moving in 1982, Daniel and Thuraya have added onto the house, established a garden, and built a bam with corrals.

The Weedon family has grown since moving to the Erickson area. In 1978, Matthew Philip was born and in October 1982, Stephen Daniel was added to the family. Both Philip and Stephen were born in the old Erickson Hospital Unit.

In 1985, Daniel left Parks Canada to start his own business. Riding Mountain Nature Tours and Churchill Nature Tours were created to show visitors the natural beauty of southern Manitoba, Riding Mountain National Park, Churchill and the Rocky Mountains. Customers have come from across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan. Riding Mountain Nature Tours received an honor­ able mention at the 1989 Manitoba Export Awards and a nomination for the 1995 Conde Nast Traveler Ecotourism Award. Through his company, Winter Escapes, which was founded in 1988, Daniel has also operated tours to Belize, Guatemala, Yellowstone National Park, and India. Daniel continued to operate his companies with great passion and enthusiasm until he passed away suddenly on April 20, 1999. At the time of his passing, Daniel had expanded his tour program to the Yucatan Peninsula, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.

Thuraya, with the help of her three sons and capable staff, has continued the great legacy of Daniel's ecotourism ventures. Michael is living in Neepawa and working towards his c.A. designation, while working for the busi­ nesses part-time. Philip splits his year between working for the businesses and working in BC, where he enjoys snow­ boarding and mountain biking. Stephen is in Grade 12 at Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute and also works for the business on a part-time basis. Since moving to this beau­ tiful area 24 years ago, the Weedons' fondness for their wilderness home continues to grow.


Fredrick and Lorna Wetteland still reside in their home in Onanole and are retired, except for a few head of cattle and horses that Fredrick looks after. They relax and enjoy visits from their grandchildren and puttering in their flowerbeds and relaxing on the deck in the summer.

Their oldest daughter, Brenda, married Rick Deagnon, a Regina boy, and they have been together 16 years. They have one son, David Frederick Earl Deagnon, born September 5, 1986. Rick owns his own business, a trans­ mission repair shop, so is kept very busy with that. Brenda is now in her 28th year of psychiatric nursing. She IS

employed at Prince Albert Mental Health and looking forward to retirement. This is a 60 bed acute facility and has a broad range of illnesses to deal with. She also partic­ ipates in the family business and looks after the books.

Back row: Brenda, Fredrick and Lorna

Front row: Rick, David, Terry, Tyler, Haley and Brian

David is an active young man who is very athletic.

He is a second degree brown belt in karate. He has competed in tournaments in three prairie provinces and brought home a number of gold and silver medals. He is active in school sports and loves snowboarding. He is also into snowmobiling and every weekend possible the family is on the trails. It looks like he is going to be a 'Wetteland size'; he is already 5'9" and growing everyday.

The family enjoys travelling and spending time at our cabin at Emma Lake.

Their youngest daughter, Terry, and her husband, Brian Foxton, have been married almost 19 years and reside in Minnedosa. She now works part-time for a law firm, while Brian farms full time. In 1986, Brian and Terry were the successful bidders to buy the home quarter from Lawrence Wetteland's Estate, being the NE 18-18-18 WPM, and are slowly restoring the farmhouse. They have two children.

Tyler Bryan Foxton was born Febrnary 6, 1989, and Haley Leigh Wetteland Foxton was born October 18, 1991. Both of their children were baptized in the Bethel Lutheran Church and, after baptism, a celebration was held for family and friends at the farmhouse. Tyler is in the Minnedosa Junior Rifle Club, having earned his bronze, silver and gold badges for lying, sitting and kneeling and is working toward his bronze badge for standing. He joined the Minnedosa Kayaking Club in 1999 and brought home the Provincial Champion Medal for Kayaking for 1999 in the Atom Division. Tyler is also interested in drawing and has won prizes for some of his work. His Remembrance Day picture went on from the local competition, in which