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Gladys Ruth, born in 1932, married Harry Tiller Jr. Robert Alfred Wickdahl, born in 1934, married Mildred Wolski from Selkirk in 1960. Robert lives in Creston, BC and is retired form BC Hydro. Robert and Mildred had four children:

Bernard Mark, born in 1962, married Paula in 1984.

They had two sons, Tyler (1984) and Jesse (1986). Bernie lives in Lethbridge, AB.

Heather Jean, born in 1964, married Tony Berger in 1987. Their children are Matthew (1983), Casandra (1986) and Mercedes (1995). Heather lives in Penticton, Be.

Norma Ann, born in 1968, has two daughters, Ilea (1985) and Nicole (1988). Norma lives in Medicine Hat, AB.

Kandra Lynn, born in 1968, married Robert Clermont.

They have two sons, Jordan (1989) and Cole (1997). Kandra and Robert live in Lethbridge, AB.

Mabel Gertmde Ingeborg, born in 1944, married Donald Brewer. (See Brewer, Donald and Mabel).

Earl James, born in 1945, married Valerie Ruth Delmage (born 1952) from Minnedosa, in 1972. They own and farm the half section Gustav had and also SW 18-18- 17W. They live in the house that Gustav and Ida built in 1929 and, in 1987, Earl built an addition onto the original house. In July 1996, the 75th anniversary of the Wickdahl Family Farm was celebrated with neighbours, friends and family. Gustav homesteaded the SW 14-18-18W in 1921. Earl and Val have two daughters, Coleen Heather (1976) and Koreen Ruth (1978) and all are members of Erickson Lutheran Church. Valerie has been employed as Secretary

at Erickson Elementary School (1973-1976), as
Secretary/TreasureriManager (1981-1991) and as an

Educational Assistant at Erickson Collegiate (1990-1999).

Coleen graduated from Erickson Collegiate (1994), attended the University of Winnipeg enrolled in the Arts program (1994-1997). At present, Coleen is working in Winnipeg and enrolled in a computer technician course.

Koreen graduated from Erickson Collegiate (1996), and graduated from Assiniboine Community College, Brandon, with a diploma in Business Administration, Accounting major (1998). Koreen is presently employed at the Sandy Lake Credit Union as a Loans Clerk and resides in Sandy Lake with Terrace Peter Miko.

Music and athletics played a big role in Coleen and Koreen's school years. Both girls took piano lessons; Coleen continued on with trombone, violin and guitar; Koreen continued on with clarinet and voice. Both girls competed in local talent nights and Festival competitions. Coleen and Koreen took up the sport of curling. Both have competed in Junior Women's Provincial Curling at the club and high school levels. They were successful in 1993 to place seventh in the province when their team competed in the Junior Women's Pepsi Provincial in Morden.


I moved to Erickson from Minnedosa in 1994 and resided in the Parkland Home for one year before purchas­ ing a house previously owned by Lula and Olaf Shell born. I enjoy volunteering at the Personal Care Home and the Parkland Home, playing the piano and singing. I also enjoy singing in the Lutheran Choir, knitting and reading.


John Wolfe

John Wolfe grew up in the Morden and Snowflake areas with his family. He was born June 26, 1940. He loved to tinker with cars in his early teens. His first job, when he was sixteen, was on the Trans Canada Highway constmction gang. In 1958, he was employed with Selkirk Sheet Metal in Winnipeg. From 1961 to 1967, he worked for Henry's Landscaping in Winnipeg. In 1968, he chose to move to Erickson with the Henry Wall family, and enjoyed the country life style. He now resides on NW 7- 18-18. He enjoys the daily mn for the Winnipeg Free Press, and also regularly visits a nephew in Redcliff, AB, a brother in Winnipeg, and friends and four sisters in Morden.

WOLOSHEN, BASIL AND SADIE Submitted by Sadie (1983-1999)

I am writing some history about my family and myself. I have 8 children to write about. I am very fond of my family and try and keep in touch with all of them one way or another. As I don't drive, I have to depend on others. Travelling for me is usually the Greyhound Bus. I worked at Johnson's Cabins at Wasagaming for many years. At the time, I had 5 children going to school, so I was a busy person as there was always lots to do.

Marlane, my oldest daughter, moved to Alberta at an early age. Marlane married David Muray from Ashmont, AB. Marlane and David both are employed at St. Joseph's