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In the summer of 1985, he met Lori McKay of Brandon. Leo and Lori were married May 17, 1986 at the Lutheran Church in Erickson. They have 2 sons. Darcy was born October 1, 1987 and Morey was born December 5, 1990. They both go to school in Carberry, MB.

Leo is working at Bar 5 Simmental Stock Farms, Douglas, MB. He started in 1991 and still is employed there. Lori stays at home taking care of the rabbits and horses and the many other critters they have. Leo and Lori and boys reside on 5 acres on the Brookdale highway, P.R. 464, twenty minutes east of Brandon.

Rosie is the third child of John and Helen. (See Snyder, Tom and Rosie).


Harry Michael is the fourth chi ld of John and Helen.

He was born January 8, 1961. He attended school in Erickson. Harry helps out farmers in the Erickson area. He enjoys working in the garden and doing stucco work. Harry mns the family farm now, with Dad by his side to make sure it's done right.

Terry and Mildred

Terry James is the fifth child of John and Helen.

Terry was born August 1, 1965. He attended school in Erickson. Terry married Mildred McLaughlin August 7, 1993 at the Lutheran Church at Erickson. Later that year they moved to Rossbum to work on a hog farm. A year later, they moved to Onanole. Terry works for Ken Beatty Construction. Mildred is employed at Elkhorn Resort. Terry and Mildred are now living in Erickson.


Allan Richard is the sixth child of John and Helen.

Allan was born Febmary 14, 1973. Allan attended school in Erickson. Allan works for R. T. Construction out of Rocanville, SK, where he lives.

Mary and Aaron Williams with Devon

MGIY is the youngest daughter of John and Helen. She was born August 7, 1975 at the Minnedosa District Hospital. Mary attended school at Erickson Elementary and