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Paulsen Reunion - 1998 - at Ditch Lake

Elvie, Almie, Olga, Harty, Anna, Stella, Lilly and Anne

Eugene Paulsen at Paulsen Reunion - July 1998.

Taken at original Peter Paulsen Farm west of Erickson.

Anna Hall S lOOth Birthday - February 10, 1999.

Anna with sons, Gunnar (Bud) and Wayne Hall.

Rick Yanchycki, Garth Skrupa and Darren Gusdal received top athlete awards at the Erickson Community Fall Supper.

'Rolling River Rage' High School Hockey - 1995-1996 (Minnedosa and Erickson)

Back row: Matt Rapsky, Trent Madill, Clayton Soltys, COIYMcNabb, Trent Galvin, Jeremy Sprott, Morgan Proven, Robert McNabb, Trent Skatch and Barry Brooking.

Front row: Rick Waterman, Phillipe Tsoepe, Preston Gaywish, Richard Beatty, Jeff Osadec, Grant Spraggs, Blair Bruce and Tyler Ullberg.