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Following are members of the community who have served you during the period 1984-2000 as members of the Erickson & District Fire Department.

Fire Chiefs:

Dennis Skog Ken Podruski Vaughn Ullberg

Deputy Fire Chiefs:

Ken Podruski Vaughn Ullberg Maurice Hogeland Milt Kennedy

John Braschuk, Jr.

Fire Fighters presently enlisted:

Vaughn Ullberg John Braschuk, Jr. Donnie Vaughan Brian Pearce

Gord Kuharski Brian Schnell

Kerri Butler, our first

female firefighter Dave Maduke

Leo Woywada

Mike Koversky Steven Geletchuk Terry Woywada Barry Kologinski Rob Halliday

retired 1988 1989

1990 to present

to 1988

1989 1990-1991 1992 1993-present

serving to 2000 and the year

Fire Chief 1983
Deputy Fire Chief 1978
Captain 1988
Captain 1990




1992-1995 and 1999 1999






The roster as found in the January 1984 meeting minutes is:

Chief - Dennis Skog Irv ehring

lim Marsha II

George Bishop

John Braschuk, Jr. Maurice Hogeland Brent Jacobson Marland Furevick Randy Halliday Elliot Skoglund

Chris Ewashko

Deputy - Ken Podruski Ron Drozda

Vaughn Ullberg

Ken Chow

Eruie Brookman Chris Wetteland Wilbert Jacobson Gordon McLaughlin Milt Kennedy Newman Hall

Due to lack of records, the Enlisted and Retired dates for many of the above were unknown.

The Goveruor General of Canada awards fire fighters with the 'Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal' for a member

of the fire service who has completed 20 years service of such good standard as to warrant an award.

Twenty-year service awards were presented to:

Dennis Skog 1958-1989
Ron Drozda 1969-1992
Milt Kennedy 1965-1981 Pine River 1982-1996


Fire Fighters who Maurice Hogeland Tom Podruski Wayne Dimmery Irv Nehring

Randy Halliday Chris Ewashko Eruie Brookman Keith Hodges Lloyd Koversky Rodney Robinson Les Ellchuk

Brian Judd

Kent Warrington Jeff Pearce

Claude Girard

Scott Marcino

Terry Koroluk Steven Cooley

Ken Podruski

Pete Elias

Jim Marshall

Chris Wetteland Gordon McLaughlin Ken Chow

Elliot Skoglund Clare Larsen

Mike Kambietz

Jim Nonie

Bob Beatty

Kevin Pratt

Clayton Soltys

Brad Shellboru

Clair Cooley

have served between 1984 - 2000: -1991




1985-1988* 1984*-1985* -1985* 1986-1988* 1991-1991 1991-1992 1991-1994 1992-1994 1992-1993 1995-1998 1996-1996 1997-1999 1997-1999 1999-1999 -1990 1990-1997 1983-1990 -1986* 1982*-1985* -1985*


1991-1994 1991- 1994 1992-1992 1988*-1989 1995-1999 1997-1997 1997-1999 1998-1998

*Dates are estimated based on available records. Every attempt was made to collect all names of people who volunteered as fire fighters for the community.

Fire records on the file from January I, 1990 to December 31, 1999 show these people responded to 18 chimney fires, 37 wildland fires, 32 structural fires, 13 vehicle fires, 29 motor vehicle accidents, 8 miscellaneous calls for assistance and 16 false alarms for a total of 153 responses. The property lost or damaged by fire during this period had a $524,055.00 value.