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a lot of hard work and financial help form the Airport Commission, the Flying Club has been able to maintain a very nice airport.


The post office was built on Main Street in 1969.

Linus Miller was Postmaster from 1944-1971. Roy Mallett transferred to Erickson from Rivers, MB in March 1971 - 1985 and is now deceased. Florence Scott was full-time assistant 1968 - 1983, and passed away in 1998. Shirley Steele worked as part-time assistant 1968 - 1985, and was appointed Postmistress in September 1985 and remains so at the present time. Mildred Stitt worked as part-time assistant 1985 - 1992. Colleen McNiven has worked as a part-time assistant from 1992 to the present time. Deedre Hengen and Rosie Snyder work casual positions.

MANITOBA HYDRO 1984-2000 Erickson District

Dale Noonan, Elizabeth Koroscil, Kevin Pratt and Vaughn Ullberg

The mid-1980's had the Erickson District office open part-time with the first clerk Ron Stitt. When Ron left hydro, Vaughn Ullberg became the second clerk in 1987, which became a full-time position in July 1987. A new computerized billing system was incorporated in 1989 with decentralization of customer service out to the districts. With continued demand for service and the computer age further evolving, Elizabeth Koroscil began working part­ time in Erickson and the westman area in January 1992.

Milt Kennedy continued as the District Operator until his retirement, June 1993. Irv Nehring, who was Milts assistant, became District Operator until his retirement, April 1994. Both have their retirement homes in Onanole and Erickson.

November 1994 saw the arrival of Dale Noonan as the new District Operator. Dale was formerly an engi­ neering technician in Selkirk and District Operator in Gods Lake Narrows among other assignments. Kevin Pratt became the Assistant District Operator January 1995. Kevin arrived at Erickson District after duties with hot line tools, various construction crews and districts in Winnipeg and central Manitoba.

As growth in Erickson and surrounding area contin­ ued, the Erickson station required upgrading to meet demand. Monitoring of the Erickson station over several years indicated an upgrade would be required by 199912000. Construction of the new station was completed

December 18, 1996 when the new station was energized.

Although the Erickson District has been relatively immune to major power outages, heavy fog, hoar frost and high humidity in early February 1998 resulted in the shut down of the Erickson and Sandy Lake stations February 16, 1998. Heavy ice was building on the 66,000- volt sub-transmission line between Erickson and Sandy Lake and failure of the line was imminent. The intentional shut-down was required to short circuit the wires, which essentially turned the line into a 30 km long heating element that would melt the ice. Manitoba Hydro has become a world leader in ice melting, however, Erickson and many other station in Manitoba were not equipped with perma­ nent ice melting switches. This first ever attempt melting the 66,000-volt line at Erickson using temporary and portable shorting cables proved very successful and can now be used province wide when required. Although the sub-transmission line was clear of ice, the labour intensive job clearing miles of ice from rural feeders was yet uncom­ pleted. Four crews of linemen, labourers and vehicle operators cleared ice from the lines for several days until the job was complete.

The customer base for Erickson District continues to grow steadily to approximately 4200 customers and includes the communities of Erickson, Sandy Lake, Elphinstone, Onanole, Clear Lake, Rolling River and Keeseekoowenin First Nations and South East portions of Riding Mountain ational Park. Rural customers include RM of Clan william and portions otRM of Harrison, Park, Minto and Strathclair.


Parkland Home was built III 1970, with an addition III 1973. This building will continue to serve the needs of our seniors in 2000. The community still shows strong support for our seniors by their generous support in the board's fundraising appeals. The board's fundraising drive in 1998-1999 was for new carpet and drapes in the common areas. This was so successful that Parkland Home board