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By Ruth Mattson Larson

*When the following sketches were received by the church in Erickson a comment was made that it was unfortunate that they had not come before Eoresi to Eield was published. Therefore, the article is submitted now and hopefully they will bring back memories of how things were at that time.

Rev. Rudolph Larson and his bride, Ruth, spent their 'honeymoon years' from 1927 to 1930 at Clanwilliam and Erickson, MB, where Rudolph served as pastor of Immanuel and Bethel Lutheran Churches.

Ruth wrote her reminiscences of Canada in a note­ book dated January 5, 1973. She died January 30, 1973, at age 7l. After Rudolph died in 1989 (at age 87), their daughter, Grace, found Ruth's writings among his effects. Grace shared these with her brother, David, who typed them (with slight editing for purposes of clarity) so that they could be more easily shared with the next generations.


These little sketches are not accounts of particularly unusual or striking incidents, but rather ordinary everyday occurrences that made some impression on the author. They were not written for a magazine column; most likely they will never be printed, and most probably will never

even be read by anyone but the writer. 'Why then were they written? Simply as an outlet for feelings that seek to be expressed. Those who can sing give vent to their feelings with song; those who can play use an instrument to speak the melody that's in their soul. As for me ... I like to write .... ' Ruth Mattson Larson.

Trial Sermon

In Aprill927, Rudolph Larson, a Senior at Augsburg Seminary, was invited to the Clanwilliam - Erickson, MB parish for a 'trial sermon'. He boarded the train at Minneapolis for Winnipeg where he made connections for Clanwilliam and Erickson on the Canadian National Railroad. Rev. Gustav Ronholm, the then pastor, boarded the train at Clanwilliam and rode with Rudolph the 20 some miles to Erickson for Rudolph's first trial sermon at Bethel Lutheran Church. The following week they rode back to Clanwilliam for services at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

What a time of year to come to such a place! The roads, and streets in town as well, were a combination of snow, mud and water. It was the season when there was too much snow for wagons and too much water and mud for sleighs. Mr. Strand, who met the men at the depot, had a sleigh. That was a ride the visitor would not forget; up and down, in puddles of water, the sleighbox nearly upset­ ting several times. The men had to hold on to the bolster to keep it from drifting into the water and move from side

The original interior of Bethel Lutheran Church