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parsonage would be knee high. One summer when we came back the cellar was knee deep in water. Things were floating around down there. We had a sinking feeling when we saw it. We were tired. The trip back had been a stren­ uous one through mud and water. Nevertheless, how glad we were to arrive home safely and drop into bed! This was on a Fourth of July.

Footnote: Mrs. Larson has confused the Sunday evening worship service with the Young People's Society. The latter meetings were always held on the second Friday evening of each month. Sunday services were in Norwegian in the moming and English in the evening. As many of the young people didn't know the Norwegian language there was naturally an attendance of them at that time. The Mission Society met on Mondays, only in the winter months, on the weekend the pastor was able to attend. The rest of the year they met on the fourth Wednesday. The reference to Riding Mountain and the church should be Mountain Road. At that time people went to Clear Lake - the term Riding Mountain did not come into use until the area became a national park.


The Bethel Lutheran Society Inc. was formed follow­ ing the closure of Bethel Church with plans for the caring and upkeep of the cemetery and church building. We have a $100.00 Life Membership for the society.

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service is held annually followed by a breakfast served in the basement.

During the summer months, family reunions very often hold a special Sunday service and many couples choose to have their wedding, or to renew their mamage vows, in this beautiful little country church.


Erickson Lutheran Church

Worship continues on a regular basis at the Erickson Lutheran Church. Music is an important part of the Church.

The Male Choms, Ladies Choms and Mixed Choir members' contribution is greatly appreciated throughout the year. From the beginning the Male Choms has been an active singing group both in the Church and outside of the Church at various functions.

The Youth Group and Sunday School continue. The Erickson Lutheran Women still play an active role in the Church. They function in four different circles and meet monthly in homes for a Bible study and a time for fellow­ ship. They are very active in stewardship. Each year quilts, layettes and various kits are made for Lutheran World Relief. Boxes packed with used clothing and hand knit articles from the filled mitten tree are then sent to Lampwick, in Thompson, where the articles are distributed or sold as needed.

In the late 1980's the Onanole United Church approached Erickson Lutheran requesting shared ministry, which began shortly thereafter. It soon became more feasi­ ble for them to join in worship at Erickson, which continues until the present. In 1995 the Immanuel Lutheran congre­ gation of Clanwilliam transferred their memberships to Erickson Lutheran. Artifacts now displayed in Erickson are the framed altar painting featuring a carved chemb, from Immanuel, and the wooden cross, from Onanole United, which came originally from Basswood United Church.

Changes to the premises over the past years include an outdoor ramp and an indoor elevator, which are much appreciated improvements to the facility.

It is interesting to note that the Church has made some lasting contribution to the community. It was in the late 1950's that the Bethel Church had the first Shrove Tuesday pancake supper at Wally's Cafe. When they discontinued holding it, because it had proved such a popu­ lar event, the skating rink took it on as a fundraiser with skating included. That early recipe is still used for some of the pancake breakfasts! It was at this time also that the first sunrise service and breakfast was held at Bethel on Easter moming, which continues to this day. It was Pastor Ole Bmun who said he wasn't leaving Erickson until there was a senior residence. A committee from the community was set up - the result: Parkland Home. When Pastor Tysseland served the parish he organized the first Christmas Carol Festival sponsored by all the Interfaith churches of the community. Kiddie Kollege had its beginning when lone Tysseland (Mrs. A) asked the church council for permis­ sion to hold a nursery school in the church premises. This was held there for many years until it was moved to the Rec Centre.


Pastor Carlyle Johnson Pastor Greg Kjos

Pastor Michael Bergman Pastor Lanny Knutson

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