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The nineties brought considerable physical change to the Erickson Elementary School. The kindergarten hut was pulled away and two HQR huts were placed as permanent structures on the south side of the original structure. Both are good-sized units with one being used to house the kindergarten and the other is utilized as the computer/music room. Another change was converting the old music room into a classroom and making the grade six classroom into a very modem library that we are very proud of.

The nineties also proved to be the decade of the computer. At the beginning of the new millennium there is a computer lab of twenty- four computers, two printers and a large screen TV. There is also a small pod of two computers in each classroom for easy student access. Although all classroom computers are not yet hooked up to the Interuet, they should be in the near future.

STAFF OF E.E.S. (1980's - 2000)

Although the world population is increasing at an alarming rate, the population of Erickson Elementary School steadily declined through the nineties to the point where we could be facing double graded classrooms in the early part of 2000.

Emil Shell boru 1966-77
Anne Soroka 1978-86
Jan Nylen 1986-88
Margaret Hammell ] 988-92
Wally Yanchycki 1992-
Lillian McKay 1981-88
Joyce Gaywish 1988-92
Sarah Shannacappo 1992-98
Isabelle Shannacappo 1998-

Back row: Roxanna Robinson, Ollie Brookman, Phyllis Maduke, Sandra Fingas, Leslie Shannacappo, Darlene McKay, Dorothy Huntinghawk

Front row: Alice Mcinnes, Leona Mcinnes, Helen Woychyshyn, Walter Yanchycki, Arlette Usick, Bonnie Sprott, Barb Chapman

Back row: Roxanna Robinson, Leona Mcinnes, Levi Lee, Helen Woychyshyn, Phyllis Maduke, Ollie Brookman, Dorothy Huntinghawk, Mary Lee, Darlene McKay, Bonnie Sprott

Front row: Alice Mcinnes, Olga Skrumeda, Walter Yanchycki, Doris Gusdal, and Irene Krahn