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The Erickson Branch # 143 still continues its proud record in service to their comrades and to the community.

In 1983,2 air exchangers were purchased for the hall and a bar was built by Albin Mayor. The Branch hosted a dinner to honor the Ladies Auxiliary in February and co­ sponsored Carnival Queen candidate, Janice Furevick. The possibility to move bingo from Saturday to Thursday was considered and one row of tables was designated non­ smoking. A $500 donation was made to the Erickson Collegiate Band, who played at the Remembrance Day Service. The history submission for.E.! 1D. .E.i.cld.. was finalized and the Branch paid for Veteran's pictures and Legion related items for the history book. Plans commenced for Branch activities during the centennial celebrations. A New Years Eve Dance was hosted to kick-off the centen­ nial. A Memorial Service was planned during the homecoming. As his contribution to the centennial, Doug Renton of Calgary volunteered to have charcoal sketches drawn and framed of those killed in action. These draw­ ings, with a briefhistory of each, still hold places of honor in the Branch.

The previous history submission ended with the hope to soon celebrate the burning of the mortgage on the new hall. With the support of the Ladies Auxiliary and the community, this goal was realized In December 1983. A Mortgage Burning Dance was held April 14, 1984. Those holding the mortgage were Cde. T. Hodges (President when construction commenced), Cde. S. Steele (President when final mortgage payment was made), Cde. R. Kingdon (Building Committee Chairman) and Cde. W. Wilmot (current President). Ivan Hurneniuk, General Manager of the Erickson Credit Union, lit the match.

Driver trammg commenced rental of the hall, twice per month, at a rental fee of $50 per month. The walls of the hall were carpeted to improve acoustics. Instead of sponsoring a Carnival Queen, each candidate was given an equal cash donation. A donation of $1 ,000 was made to the Personal Care Home. During Legion Week, a dinner was held, followed by a social evening where the video

of the Homecoming Parade was watched. Membership

dues increased from $10 to $12.

The hall was open daily during the Homecoming and

was a focal point for renewal of friendships and remi-
niscing. The Branch participated In the Homecoming

Parade. July 11th was Veteran's Day, with a parade and Memorial Service at the Cenotaph. Lakes named for Veterans killed overseas were announced, with presenta­ tion to family members. A banquet and dance were held in the evening. A plaque was presented to Doug Renton, as a thauk-you for the donation of the sketches. Life Membership was approved for Cde. 1. McPhee.

In 1985, hardwood flooring was installed in the main hall area and a polisher/scrubber was purchased. Floodlights were installed for the parking lot, 2 motorized wheelchairs were purchased and 2500 tulips were ordered for 1986 attendees. The hall was provided free of charge for a Halloween Dance organized by the RCMP. A new sound system was purchased for the hall and a $500 donation was made to Erickson Onano1e Boy Scouts. A Color Party participated at the unveiling of Veteran's Affairs monument

at Riding Mountain ationa1 Park. Life memberships were

approved for Cde. E. G. Hodges and Cde. B. Gustafson.

In 1986, the hall was provided, at no charge, for a Fun Fair held to raise money for Erickson Personal Care

Home. Discussions were held with Erickson Collegiate

regarding the possibility of a Legion Scholarship. An annual scholarship of $500 was approved and the first recipient was Mathias Krause. Sheila Nova1kowski placed

first at the Manitoba Northwestern Ontario Provincial

Command level for her essay. A Legion sign was placed on display at the Erickson Skating Riuk. World War I veterans, P. Vaughan, T. Holmlund and T. Buchanan, were taken to Vimy Banquet at Rivers. Dues increased to $15 and $2,000 was donated to the Care Home.

In 1987, the lot west of the hall was purchased for a parking lot. $2,000 was donated to Erickson Fire Department for equipment. The house on the lot was demol­ ished and lights were placed on the west side of the hall for the parking lot. $500 donations were made to the Collegiate Band, Kerrs Lake Hall and the Museum.

In 1988, the Branch hosted the district convention.

Donations were made to Rolling River PowWow ($1,000), Erickson Fair Board ($500), Collegiate Band ($500), Erickson Hospital (2 - 14" color TV's), Boy Scouts ($500), Kiddie Kollege ($200). A vacuum cleaner was purchased and boardroom cupboards were built. The hall was provided at no charge for the Lion's Senior Supper. $300 was given to aid in sandblasting the cenotaph at C1anwilliam.

1989 marked the 50th Anniversary of Erickson,

Branch #143. All veterans, past and present members and spouses were invited to the anniversary celebrations. Years of service lapel badges were presented. A Handivan for the community was suggested as an anniversary project and the Branch pledged $500 to start the fund. The front and east side of the hall were paved.

Further fundraising and donations were made to the Handivan in 1990. $500 was pledged to the new regional library. The Branch added lot 5 to the existing lots to build a garage and allow for Handivan garage entry. It was decided to change the annual meetings from December to January. Life memberships were approved for Cde. R. H. Kingdon and Cde. S. R. Steele.

In 1991 the Handivan was paid in full. The Branch assists with delivery of Meals on Wheels every 7 weeks. A suggestion was made to form a hall maintenance commit-