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Lorna was employed as coordinator for two years.

During that time, she was instrumental in organizing the office programs, home visitations, service providers to work in the homes, sponsoring walk-a-thons, fundraising, Seniors Expo and the Lifeline units program.

At the June 18, 1996 Board meeting, Sally McManus was the chosen applicant to replace Lorna Minty as Resource Coordinator.


Erickson Square Dance Club first started in 1983 with a small group, maybe two squares. There were more ladies than gentlemen. The Club performed at Erickson Centennial Concert in June 1984, as this started out to be a centennial project.

Glen Shell born, Irene (Wrnth) Montgomery, Mamie Anderson and Irene Sundmark were the ones that gathered the group together. Mamie Anderson and Irene (Wrnth) Montgomery were the instructors as they had been members of square dance clubs previously.

Group of the first square dancers with certificates given April 22, 1985

Eldon and Hilda McDonald (foreground) - first caller

Square dancing group

The Club danced to records in Erickson Legion Hall when first organized. Later, Eldon and Hilda McDonald of Brookdale took over the duties of caller and instructors, adding round dancing as well as square dancing. This could have been sometime in 1983, but definitely for October 1984 - April 1985 session.

The Club must have joined the Western Manitoba Square & Round Dance Federation, now Association, in 1987, as the Club's first jamboree was held in April 1988. At this time, the Club had to have a name, thus, Erickson Swinging Eights. Eldon and Hilda McDonald gave up the calling and instructing at the end of the 1987-88 session.

Neil and Lorna Phillips of Brandon were then hired to take over the calling and instructing for the years 1988- 89 and 1989-90. Warren and Sandy Loewen of MacGregor have been the caller and instructors since 1990.

The Club has danced mainly in the Erickson Recreational Centre, although the Erickson Elementary School was an alternate location in the years 1990-91 and 1991-92.

The Club hosted a Summer Square & Round Dance in Wasagaming in June from 1992-1999, as well as danc­ ing Monday evenings from October to April. The group has danced Monday evenings since the beginning of the Club.

Some of the past presidents were:

Glen Shellborn, Albert and Gale Johnson, Bill and Beryl Tinkler, Cecil and Irene Sundmark, Dave and Fran Pengelly, Lome and Leona Mackedenski and presently, Albert and Gale Johnson.

Other present executive is: Club Reps - Lome and

Leona Mackedenski; Secretary- Treasurer Marcia

Shurvell, and Lunch Convener - Pamela Stacy.

As of April 2000, this likely will be the club's last year of dancing as we cannot seem to entice any new members and we are losing other members for various reasons.

Present members are: Albert and Gale Johnson (1983), Lome and Leona Mackedenski (1983), Marcia