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As a non-profit organization and having fun at the same time, The Retreads (and their partners), organized Ethnic Days with Flea Markets, parades and entertainment for several years. One hundred and sixteen Fair Bears were made and sold to donate money to the Xmas Cheer Board, to families in loss from fires and for memorials in memory of Norma Coey and Ernie Gudbranson, and to supply ribbons to for students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 as Country Fair prizes, to the Rec. Centre for a ramp,to supply tea towels, to provide a plaque for Grade 10 - High Academic standing, to provide a hamper for Samaritan House, to sponsor Donna Wroth in the Memory Walk, to support Red River Valley Flood victims, and to assist the Citizens on Patrol Program.

The Retreads initiated the 'Hi Neighbour Basket', welcoming newcomers to the area. They performed mock interviews with Grade 11 students at the Collegiate, did a sidewalk 'clean-up', and planted flowers in town planters on Main Street. They helped organize Annual Community Suppers, delivered Meals on Wheels, canvassed for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Kidney Foundation, and entertained at birthday parties at the PCH.

'Money Raisers' were: sponsoring New Year's Eve dances, 2 October Fests, 2 Western Cabarets, Valentine luncheons, 2 popular Fashion Shows, Chinese Auctions (monies to the Hospital Auxiliary), and operated a canteen at the Crime Prevention Seminar.

The Retreads

With the present membership of 17 members, the Retreads continue to get together for fun and for community better­ ment.

Charter members are: Edith Earley, Mavis Johnston, Audrey Carlson, Leona Smith, Norma Coey and Ivy Carter. New members are: Florence Swiscoski, Gale Johnson, Arlene Waddell, Madeline Bishop, Elsie Butler, Kay Kotyk, Alice McInnes, Catherine Pollon, Joyce Bennett, Marg Boucher, Marj Fischer, Shirley Montgomery and Betty Wilson.

Erickson Women S Institute

Bernice Pearce, Anne Paulsen, Gale Johnson, Selma Skoglund, Arleene Waddell, Mary Leganchuk, Anne Johnson, Anne Nylen, Almie Paulsen, Elsie Butler, Janice Appleyard, Helen Shindella, Elaine Butler; Katherine Pederson, Harriet Lee, Wilda Carlson, Marion Usick, Roberta Wilkie, Ethel Neilson, Caroline Backwich, Winnie Marcino Missing from picture: Kaye Kotyk, Kay Mayor, Margaret Hammell, Margaret Halverson