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.E.w:lli 1Q.Eicl.d.. Volume I, published in 1984, was awarded Honorable Mention as the 4th Best History Book published that year.

Eanes: I.i:J F'jeld,flnat in the Centennial parade - 1984 (Made by the committee)

Centennial Cake showing a map of the municipality (made by Harriet Hodges)

"Wasn't That a Party!"

'Homecoming 1984' was a huge success, runmng smoothly for nine days. Our committee started working about two and one half years before; we sent out in excess of 2500 invitations. Finding all of those names and

addresses was a big job. We had a wonderful response from far and wide; England, USA and all over Canada.

Over 3000 people registered during the week. We sold 1365 tickets to the Centennial Banquet and 1740 tick­ ets were sold to the dance that followed.

There was great co-operation throughout the commu­ nity, and many willing persons took on various jobs. I think the easiest way to describe the celebration is to print here the program from that week.

For us, seeing so many people so happy to be here made all the hard work worthwhile!

r..:~~' .LErs. CELEBRn~E •••• =:J

Banner for Erickson S lOath Birthday

RELAY 2000

(As published in The Minnedosa Tribune June 26, 2000)

Trans Canada Trail Opens At Erickson

History was made in Erickson last Thursday June 22nd, when the Trans Canada Trail 2000 Relay came to town. The relay arrived in Erickson at around 4:30 pm, and stayed overuight.

This day came after months of preparation, and several hundred local people turned out to enjoy a half­ day of pomp and ceremony. The celebrations got off to a flying start with the Air Command Band, who performed for the crowd for half an hour, while the rain did its best to dampen their enthusiasm. The Parkland Country Band, fronted by Erickson Mayor Wally Yanchycki, kept the feet tapping between performers with their fiddle music. The Elementary School-Esprit Choir, st. Jude's Church group, Brett Smith and Patrick Sullivan from Riding Mountain National Park, Lutheran Male Chorus and the Millennium Minstrels all performed during the intermittent rain show­ ers.

Minnedosa Mayor Terry Drebit, who was scheduled to speak later at the ceremony, made an early appearance due to the AMM meeting being held in Minnedosa. Mayor Drebit said, "Wally Yanchycki and I go back a long way. We haven't always agreed on everything, but together we are managing to bring our two communities closer together,