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RELAY 2..0..0..0.. PROGRAM .:..J.J.m.e.. 22... 2..0..0..0..

Master of Ceremonies - Mayor Wally Yanchycki



4:30 P.M.




Air Command Band

Music by the Parkland Country Band (between the following selections) Elementary School- Esprit Choir

- Colours of The Wind

st. Judes Church Group

- He's Got The Whole World

- Lord of The Dance

Brett Smith & Patrick Sullivan

- Songs of the Riding Mountain National Park Lutheran Male Chorus

- This Land is Your Land

- They Call it Canada and We Call it Home

Millenium Minstrels

- Something To sing About

- Land of The Silver Birch

Official Ceremonies - Arrival of Water

Receiving of the Water/Signing of Official Document &

Welcome by Mayor Wally Yanchycki

Honourable Peter Liba, Lieutenant Goveruor of Manitoba Len Derkach, M. L.A.

Russell Tiller, Reeve, R.M. of Clanwilliam

Morris Shannacappo, Chief, Rolling River First Nations Ken Kingdon, Communications Officer, R.M.N.P.

Terry Drebit, Mayor, Town of Minnedosa

Reg Atkinson, Mayor, City of Brandon

Spokesperson, Trans Canada Trail Foundation

Guy Boudreau, Community Animator, T.CT.

Official Transfer of Water

Ribbon Cutting - Lieutenant Goveruor, Honourable Peter Liba, Mayor Wally Yanchycki, Reeve Russell Tiller Firing of The Cannon: North-West Mounted Police Display

Water procession to the Recreation Centre - (order) - R.CM.P., Legion Colours, Piper, Water Carriers, Lieutenant Goveruor, Goverument & Local Dignitaries, Youth Service Clubs, Students, Seniors & Handivan, General Public.

Pork-on-a-bun Luncheon


Crystal's Celtic Celebration (Dance #1) Ashley Wells, Troyanda Dance Club Crystal's Celtic Celebration (Dance #2) Rolling River First Nation Dancers Crystal's Celtic Celebration (Dance #3) Shevchenko Dance Ensemble

High Country Band (Swedish Songs)

Relay 2000 Program