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"Forest to Field" History Book

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the History Book Committee on this most recent volume of the "Forest to Field" History Book. Your tireless efforts in preserving the history of this great community will be recognized and appreciated by the many Manitobans who are sure to enjoy this special keepsake.

It is true that we are the product of all we experience. I consider myself very lucky, and am very proud, to be a product of Erickson. I strongly believe that the qualities I have developed throughout my personal and professional life are the direct result of my up bringing in the Erickson area. The special qualities of integrity, honesty, commitment, and the warm spirit of family and community, are values that are nurtured in this community and are instilled in its residents for a lifetime.

It was with great pride that I had the opportunity to represent Erickson and the surrounding area while it formed part of the constituency of Minnedosa. It was with honour that I represented this community whose residents I consider family and friends.

Again, I wish to express my sincere congratulations and appreciation to the History Book Committee for undertaking such a worthwhile project. I look forward to the completion of this new volume and to the continued preservation of the history of the Erickson community.

Harold Gilleshammer, MLA for Minnedosa