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funds back into their Community, a Community which worked very hard to make Homecoming 2000 the extremely exciting and successful ten days that it was. The presentations, which were made at the Erickson Elementary School, were as follow: Alice McInnes, Entertainment Committee chairperson for Homecoming, presented Frank Foord, Principal of the Erickson Elementary School, a cheque for $1,800.00 Marge Gregorash, Registrar for Homecoming, presented George Bishop, Ed Oshust, and John Braschuk, Jr. of the Parks & Campground Committee, with a cheque for $1,800.00 towards picnic tables in the Centennial Park and Campground. Anne Johnson, Chairperson of the Homecoming Committee, presented Abe Braun, President of the COPPs program, with a cheque for $210.00

The Homecoming 2000 Committee was formed in 1997 and began working on the plans for the 2000 Homecoming celebrations. Head of the committee was Anne Johnson. Flo Scott acted as secretary until her untimely death. Imeke Kerr, who was the treasurer, took over the secretarial duties as well. She was also responsi­ ble for the ordering and selling of T-shirts and other souvenirs. Wilma and Abe Braun and Gordon Turner were also members of the committee. An Entertainment Committee was also set up, which included Alice McInnes, Linda Squance, Joan Lee, Ivy Carter and Viola Burkett. Marge Gregorash looked after the registration during the entire week of Homecoming. Carol Bergeson was respon­ sible for having a Homecoming Quilt made which was raffled off during Homecoming. The beautiful quilt was won by Alice McInnes, who donated it back to the commu­ nity. It is presently displayed in the Municipal Office.

The Homecoming Committee was excited to be able to contribute funds into areas of the community where all the children, of Erickson and surrounding rnral commu­ nities, will be able to benefit. A plaque illustrating the Homecoming 2000 logo will be placed on the cairn at Centennial Park on Queen Elizabeth Road. The commit­ tee stated that Homecoming would not have been such a wonderful success without the help and cooperation of all.


On July 21, 2000, a wagon train of 12 covered wagons travelled form Erickson to Rossburn on the old railroad bed.

Teams were owned by Cliff Warrington, Marvin Sillen, Jim Nylen, Gorden Brewster of Erickson, and Frank W ozney oflIorod. The rest of the wagon teams were from McCreary and Laurier.

The trip took 2 days there and 2 days back. With a car, this trip could be made in two hours. The first day was

to Sandy Lake for lunch and then Elphinstone for supper. They stayed overnight there and headed on to Oakburn for lunch. There, many people came out to see the wagons and horses, ask questions, and feed the horses. Many remem­ bered days gone by. Some people joined the wagon train and rode along for a few miles. That evening, the train stopped in Rossburn for supper.

The next day, the wagon train was homeward bound.

They stayed in Elphinstone overnight and arrived in Erickson the following day.

It was a good trip, and made the members appreci­ ate what our ancestors went through. They did not have rain gear, springs on their wagons or ice coolers.

12 Covered Wagons

On the trail