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Woloshen, Jack Kopeechuk and Reg Taylor with Basil Woloshen serving as Secretary-treasurer. The new school building was purchased by the Erickson Flying Club and serves as a clubhouse at Neilson Field.

As many of the early records were lost, this has not been as accurate and full a sketch as one would like. However, gratitude is expressed to Ethel Neilson of Erickson for her interest and diligence over thirty years ago in researching and recording much of this history.

The first pupils were:

Charles O. Carlson Axel Ramgren Gustav Benson John Mansfield Ebba Hemmingson August Magnell Annie Johnson Edith Johnson Hans Hemmingson Annie Koping


Freida Magnell Adolph Ramgren Ida Carlson Alfred Naslund Emma Koping John Johnson Gustav Klebeck Beda Naslund Charles Benson

Two weeks later there were seven more pupils:

Carl Lundgren Alfred Hakanson Ragnhild Lundgren Ellen Lundgren

Immanuel Toren Tilda Koping Ida Hakanson

By July 2, enrollment reached thirty-one:

Nannie Carlson Annie Nelson Nellie Johnson

The last pupils were:

Sherry Kopeechuk James Baraniuk Leslie W oloshen Martha W oloshen Janice W oloshen MurrayClow Victor Baraniuk

Christina Toren Imanuel Ramgren


James W oloshen Richard Woloshen Darryl Clow Roger Clow Bradshaw Family Breaton Family


Duncan Matheson James Hamilton James Craig Walter Carrall John Veale

Eben McKenzie James McGillivary A.K. Cameron

E.J. Brown (one week) W. Huskins

Edith Johnson

J ames Bloomer

John Simpson

H. Donaldson Elizabeth O'Hara Irene Johnson Mrs. K. Horwood C.A. Wiebe

Doris Bell

Evelyn Obedniak Angeline Hoyak

John H. Donaldson Hazel Donaldson Mabel Christopherson

Barbara Weiman Miss Centure Mrs. Swanton Dorothy Carter Mrs. Helen Hunt Elvera Magnell Dorothy Miller Edna Larson Lorraine Baker Phyllis Skoglund A.S. Thorlakson P. Black

Constance DeRinzy John Vander pant Hennie Neilson Helen Sage

Mary Cameron C.W. Johnson Kathleen Carter R.D. Burgess

Cecelia Johnson Mrs. Hodgson Leila Montgomery John Haywood Florence Peterson John Arnsten Belle Cameron

M. Walton

Ethel Jury

Bertha Danielson Arthur Neilson Phyllis Klink Isabel Strand Eileen Carlson

Keith Worden (last in old school) Roxanne Robinson

Jennie Gray

Mary Thoren

Theresa Found

Wm. Walker

Scandinavia School Children.


News item taken/rom a Minnedosa Tribune. July 1900

Mr. Jones, School Inspector.

Miss Walton, and Mr. Veale are arranging for a Union School Picnic to be held on Friday, July 20th, in the Hemmingson Grove at Otter Lake. A good program is being prepared. Dr. Roche M.P., and Mr. Myers M.P.P. will be invited to be present, and to give short addresses. The afternoon will be largely devoted to children's sports. The children and friends of the whole Scan­ dinavian settlement in Clan william are cordially invited to be present and to bring well filled baskets.

Further Notice:

Picnic preparations in full swing. Worthy Reeve Mr.

Cook may also be present. A restaurant booth will be on the grounds.

Tribune report on picnic July 26 Edition

The children of the Scandinavian schools had a splendid day for their picnic on Friday last, and the