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understand and were afraid would hurt. The first record of any vaccination was in 1907 when the doctor in Clan william made the rounds of the schools in the municipality. The other knock was that of the school inspector. His visit likely caused more consternation for the teacher but the children couldn't know that. They were only aware of that they must be on their best behavior and hopefully answer correctly any questions asked them.

"Spring Observations" or "Signs of Spring" were a feature of school days that seems to have disappeared from today's activities, probably because children now travel by bus each day. How satisfying it was to be the first to report each bird as it returned in the spring and each flower as it appeared along the roadside! It was not only an exercise in nature study but added much to the monotony of that daily walk to and from school. The teacher that took time for the little added interests for their classes are the ones that are still remembered. For some it was sports, others music, art or some project to make a subject more interesting.

Most of those first settlers, discouraged by rocky, light soil and early frosts gradually moved elsewhere. During the depression years of the 1930's when so many moved about looking for new places to settle, families came and left again. Some remained and new names came into the district. Through that difficult time, as in those first years, it was the forest that was the mainstay of livelihood. Sawmills continued to operate and there were trees to cut for firewood even though it didn't bring much per cord, sometimes as low as $1.00. However, a dollar was a dollar, and hopefully no one went hungry. Pleasure came in community gatherings, concerts, dances, picnics and the ever popular Field Days and these didn't need to cost money. The war brought more changes as men enlisted and came home again.

In' 1964 the tale of Norland School ended when it became part of the Consolidated School District of Erickson No. 2405, effective January 1, 1965.

The school building was sold to Mike Zwarich and he moved it to Minnedosa. The schoolyard was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Percy Bowden and they built their home there. Thus in the yard where so many children's feet had trod for over sixty years a retired couple spent their remaining days.


Freda Lofgren Jane Bergwall Annie Swanson Bertha Gustafson Andy Swanson Elida Sillen Selma Lofgren Annie Gustafson Erik Sillen

Karen Lofgren

Albin Gustafson Sarah Swanson Emma Johnson Harold Johnson Lena Lofgren Alex Lofgren Mary Sillen Joseph Johnson Albin Lofgren

There are times when the board of education should be applied to the seat of learning.



Ingeborg Karlson Erik Karlson Ruth Johnson Olga Karlson Nora Karlson


Gullie Gustafson



Arnold Bergwall Bertha Hall Emma Hall John Hall

Nellie Hall

Olaf Gronlund

Cecelia Swanson Martha Swanson Arthur Johnson Winnifred Sillen Einar Bergwall


Annie Kopenziuk Lainny Wansel Annie Makonuziuk Mary Kopenziuk

Mary Kuplinski Linnie Makonuziuk Peter Wansel

John Stobian

Note: The names are not as we know them today.

LAST PUPILS - 1963-64

Eveline Erickson Tommy Baraniuk Leo Zwarich Grant Warrener

Harry Lukianchuk William Zwarich Terry W oywada Brian W oywada

Note: There was still one Swedish name.

John Zwarich


Ivan Robinson

Bill Lukianchuk


(This record is not complete and probably not in order).

J .M. McGillivary Carl Lundgren Edith Johnson Elma Solmark Mamie Corbett Dorothy Hanson Margaret Paulson I.E. Johnson

L. Harcourt Johnson Mabel Christopherson Cecelia Johnson

Eva McNaught

Judy Donahue

D.M. Jefferson Emma Haggerty

Wm. Rankin Margaret Yellow lees Agnes Thompson AnnWilman

Dorothy Carter Lillian Anderson Florence Frost Shirley Willoughby Ethel Ervin

Betty Tomlinson Mavis Holmlund Sylvia Carson Stella Misanchuk Mary Harris

Ivy DeJ ersey Jeanette Kostecki Mrs. Horwood Grant Suppes

May Horwood Joyce Sichewski Mrs. Carscadden Roxanne Bowden Keith Worden