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Grade III and IV, 1955-56. Back Row, Left to Right: Darryl Johnson, Allan Steele, Norval Lee, Randy Bergeson, Roland Lee, Leonard Slobodian, Curtis Holmberg, Ronald McInnes, Wayne Soltys. Middle Row: Irene Cruikshank, Teacher; Joan Holmberg, Beverly Bohonas, Wendy Gusdal, Marion Johnson, Shannon Skogstad, Cheryl Neilson, Donna Johnson, Shireen Haralson, Joan Graham. Front Row: Pamela Freko, Mildred Sawisky, Judy Marcino, Karen Burkett, Linda Luzney, Tanis Mckenzie, Lavina Holmberg, Karen Gusdal, and Jackie Edwards.

The Staff - 1961-62 High School. Back Row, Left to Right: Wilda Carlson, J.O. Wilson, Ben Ward, Principal; Ruth Leightner. Front Row: Public School Staff; Mavis Johnston, Margaret Spurway, Lome Mackedenski, Mary Gusdal, Mildred Jacob and Bill Mackowski.