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Tom Vaughan

Fred Wickstrom

Erickson Flier Is Missing Overseas

Sgt. Joe Grodeekl, !Of Enickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grod­ eclti, of .that town, is reported missing overseas following aU­ operations over enemy territory,

Joining the R.C.A.F. in 1942, Sgt. Grodecki trained at Brandon, Man., '!'renton,. Ont., and Mac­ dIooaild, Man., '\Vlh~ be graduated as an air gunner in June, 1943. He arrived overseas in July, and well't on active service almost unanediately. After making 14 itrlps over enemy territory, he

nsfered tb ano1her arm of. the

.C.A.F;-, from whleh he was re­ parted missiDIl.

set. Grodecki a,ttended Erickson 001s, and prlor to enlisting in air foroe he was emloyed in e box Ifactory in Winnipeg.

Besides his ~, 'bhere 'is one rother, Cpl. John Grodecki, serv­ ing in NewIfoundland, and ~De

Ister, Rose, a,t borne. y

Ken Woodcock

Harvey Woodcock

Former Erickson Resident Dies Of Wounds

Sgt. Glaude A. Forsman, former resident or Erickson, died of wounds July 30, according to word r ceived by his 'wife at Neepawa. He was wounded while serving in

France July 24. ! I

New Legion Cairn at the present new Legion Hall,

Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 143 Cenotaph,