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JunE 1st. 1981.

, ,

H1". Harry Smj tho

25 FanrW,!od cresceot , Hanitobll..


1 t I ~

1 an pleased to forward to you the e t t.eched apeci.l certificate ",Mel< records the name of Sfllith Peninsula.

This I!cogt:aphi<:al feature "'AS nsmed in honour of OnT. Mathew

Dcna Id Smith and V<iS offietR.lly approved l"AY 5th, 1981. .

is named ailer

The Canadian Pc.raeuent CoJl:t'iittee on Geographical seees h.,s. for !'I=~ year s , hcnoure:d servtceeen who gave their lives duriN; the Second World "er , I feel it fttting that next-of-kin sho..u.d r-ece tAngible evt ceoec in the rore of th1s certific.ate.

1 ahaz e with you and all MAnitobans the lnsting recognition which this gtJop;raph!cal uame will give to one. who made the. Bupr~e Btu;:dfice.

thnt N? ffiny ccnetaue to live ill peace and buma" dignity.

uo,rlllJOE ~1<'00' l...()N(,HljDt: 100"'34' .woP'ffOClIfMAY$.h


.•. L\"~~



Servicemen from this area Donald Smith and Kenneth and Harvey Woodcock who were killed in action received recognition by having a lake and peninsula named after them.



There's somthing glows, within my heart, And rapture there unfurls,

It's something precious; I would not give, For bags of gold, or pearls.

God bless the boys, Who fought and died

And helped to make usfree,

May they find the peace they loved, Beyond eternity.

Just a simple loving word, That shall be ever blessed,

It matters not where-ere you are, I know you; like it best.

And when the bugle calls us home,

Then may we find a place, Beside our comrades, Who died there,

In the presence of Thy grace.

And though a million miles away, I will never find another.

That can bring such joy into my life, There's nothing like my mother.

Written by Robert Sharp.