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time, the aircraft proved very helpful and enjoyable. It was a pleasure to many to look up and see E10 overhead. Sad to say, it was sold in 1981.

October 23, 1976, a "First Wings Presentation" Ban­ quet and Dance was held at the Erickson and District Re­ creation Centre. Eight members received their wings:

Anna Rekken, Edith Earley, Ernie Ullberg, Gary Andreychuk, Morley Lundman, Ronnie Wilmot, Walter Wilmot and Cliff Lundman.

April 16, 1981, a "Second Wings Presentation" Ban­ quet and Social was held at Elkhorn Ranch. Eleven mem­ bers received their wings. Six were present: Wally Butler, Terry Gustafson, Orville Berg, Dwight Ullberg, Clare Larson, Cliff Eden, Greg McKelvey, Vaughan Ullberg, Brian Schnell, Minno Wiebe and Calvin Coey.

Fund raising consists of annual memberships, the Snowmobile Poker Derby which has been held annually since March 21, 1975, and the Fly-In-Breakfast held an­ nually on Father's Day since June 15,1975.

We regret the loss of: Doug Bullock Chief Surveyor, Morley Lundman Charter Member Pilot, Clifford Lundman Charter Member Pilot, James Shannacappo Charter Member, Ernest Collins Charter Member. In re­ spect to the lost pilots, five aircrafts flew formation over­ head at their grave-side services. Pilots doing the honors were: Morley Lundman December, 1977 - Doug Rekken Lead plane, Walter Wilmot Left Wing, Ernie Ullberg Right Wing C-GEIO, W. Aberson, P. Aberson. Clifford Lundman July, 1977 - Doug Rekken Lead plane, Walter Wilmot Left Wing, Ernie Ullberg Right Wing C-GEIO, Art Butler, W. Aberson.

Presidents 1973-74 Lawrence Siwak, 1975-76 Walter Wilmot, 1977-79 Ernest Ullberg, 1980-81 Clare Larson, 1982 Terry Gustafson, 1983 Clifford Eden.

Vice-Presidents 1973-76 Conrad Ziehlke, 1977-78 Clifford Lundman, 1979 Clare Larson, 1980 Minno Wiebe, 1981-82 Dwight Ullberg, 1983 Ronald Wilmot.

Secretary-Treasurer 1973-79 Art Butler, 1980 Allan Soltys, 1981-82 Marg Eden, 1983 Art Butler 1976-81 Valerie Soltys (Cherokee C-GEIO).

Presently there are four private aircraft based at Erickson Municipal Airport.

The following by Dept. of Transport: Airways R6 (Romeo 6) and V327 (Victor 327) both pass in close proximity to Erickson. Romeo 6 (previously called Red 6) extends from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, to High Level, Alberta. This "roadway in the sky" covers a distance of 1,207 nautical miles. The airway is used primarily by propellor driven aircraft that may attain speeds up to approximately 300 knots. The altitudes at which the aircraft fly would vary from 1,000 feet above ground up to 18,000 feet above sea level, which is the upper limit of the airway.

Victor 327 connects Brandon - Dauphin - The Pas, a distance of 295 nautical miles. Aircraft altitudes on this airway also vary from 1,000 feet above ground up to 18,000 feet above sea level.

High Level 500 (HL 5(0) is a major east-west airway designed for jet traffic and is marked in red ink on the map. This airway starts in Tofino, B.c., extends across Canada and ends at Channel Head, Newfoundland, a distance of 2,956 nautical miles. Aircraft using this


airway fly from 18,000 feet above sea level to 45,000 feet above sea level although the airway has no upper limit.

The exact dates of the forming of these airways is not known. However, R6 has existed for over thirty years, HL500 for approximately twenty years and V327 for about ten years. (refer to map).


by Aime Gobin

On October 28, 1957, a meeting was held at Wally's Cafe to organize the Erickson Lions Club. Special representative A. T. Holcomb was in charge of the meeting. Some members from the Neepawa Lions Club were present. On behalf of their club they accepted sponsorship of the new club in Erickson. Following an enjoyable turkey dinner, the financial phases of Lionism were explained, along with the responsibilities and duties of the various officers. Then with nominations from the floor, the following officers were named:

President J. W. Cutter
1st Vice-President N. Yarish
2nd Vice-President H.R. Paulsen
Secretary-Treasurer H.C. Johnson
Tail Twister Glen Shell born
Lion Tamer Lorne Bray
Directors, 2 year John Gustafson

and Wally Townley

Directors, 1 year Ray Erickson

and Sidney Waldron

The first regular meeting of the Lions Club was held on November 5, chaired by Lion President Jack Cutter. Five Lions from Neepawa gave the Erickson Lions in­ formation about Lions Clubs, their activities and how they functioned.

At their first meeting on November 21, the Board of Directors passed several motions relating to the ad­ ministrtion of the club. Charter Night was discussed. A motion was made to contact the Coca-Cola Company in regards to getting some School Safety signs. Another motion was to run a Hat Pool on the Grey Cup game and to hold a Fowl Bingo and Turkey Raffle on December 14, in aid of minor hockey.

The Charter Night of the Erickson Lions Club was held