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Erickson Ukrainian Dancing Club.

Erickson Ukrainian Dancing Club.


October 16th, 1919 - Newsprint, Minnedosa Tribune

The Scandinavian Boys and Girls of Erickson recently held a most successful fair. Although only their second attempt they had 465 exhibits, about half of which were of school work of a high character. Perhaps the best exhibit was that of bread. It was the best the judges had seen on their trip this year.

The vegetables made a very good showing, especially the potatoes and collections of vegetables.

There were over 200 at the fair and the parents showed great interest, both in the judging and what the judges had to say at the conclusion of the fair.

"Triumph" is simply a little "umph " added to "try".


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by Valerie Wickdahl and Ed Turner

Toward the end of the 1960's, much thought was given for the need of a Senior Citizens' Home in Erickson, to serve the need of the senior residents of the village and surrounding area. A letter written December 8, 1967 by Ed Turner, then Mayor of Erickson, to Dr. K. Johnson of Gladstone, who was medical officer for this area, brought a definite response.

In April 1968, the Erickson Senior Citizens Home Committee was formed with representatives from Erickson, Clanwilliam, R.M.s of Minto and Harrison, Onanole and the district of Parks. Those on this com­ mittee were Pastor O. Bruun - Chairman, Inez Johnson ­ Secretary, Henry Oshust - Treasurer, Mamie Slobodian,

Parkland Home.