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Chris and Alma Olson and Family. Abina and Albert Rognan posing for a picture.

Charlie Ramgren going courting.

"""'- -

Art Butler and his Model A Coupe.

Men and automobiles are much alike. Some are right at home on an uphill pull; others run smoothly only going down-grade, and if you hear one knocking all the time, it's a sure sign there is something wrong under the hood.


Left to Right: Charlie Ramgren, Fred Ostrom, Eskil Hindorf, and Conrad Ramgren.

Effie Caison and Ethel Haralson in Pastor Odelberg's Coupe.

An old Model car.

Song should breathe of scent andflowers, Song should like a river flow:

Song should bring back scenes and hours, That we loved - ah, long ago!