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Park for Tess and the children. In 1938, they built a three-room cabin at Baldy Lake and the family was together again.

The spring of 1940, Joe became a Park Warden and moved to the Warden Station at the east entrance to Riding Mountain National Park in the Norgate district. It was while they were here that their two youngest sons were born, Calvin on September 13, 1940, and Claire on June 13,1943.

In 1950, Joe became Chief Park Warden and they moved to Wasagaming. They resided there until Joe retired in October, 1963. The first winter after retiring, they spent in Victoria, B.C. In 1964, they returned to Onanole, renting for a few months and they then bought a home where they resided for 8 years. Tess passed away on September 28, 1972 and Joe passed away on January 2, 1976.

Joe was always an ardent sportsman. In his younger years he was well known for his pitching ability and was hired by teams. In later years, he coached both hard ball and fast ball teams, also hockey teams. When he had to give this up, he still followed local teams, supporting and cheering them on. He was also very interested in bird and big game hunting. He was Secretary-Treasurer for Onanole Legion for a number of years. He was also a member of the McCreary Masonic Lodge. Tess was very active in Onanole U.C.W. and Onanole Legion Auxiliary for which she was on the sick and visiting committee for a number of years.

Myra married Harold Moore of Norgate, Manitoba.

Myra is Personnel Clerk of Riding Mountain National Park. They have two children, Donald and Debra.

Lane married Marion Zalizniak of McCreary, Manitoba. Lane is Gateway Attendant at the southgate. of Riding Mountain National Park. They have five children, Pamela, Paula, Donna, Gordon and Kimberly.

Dean married Mildred Howson of McCreary, Manitoba. Dean is Chief Park Warden at Prince Albert National Park. They have two boys, Grant and Barry.

Dwain married June Glover of McCreary, Manitoba.

Dwain is a member of the Winnipeg City Police. His wife passed away in 1981. They have three children, Susan, Jeffrey and Robert.

Calvin Joe marrried Marlene June Holmlund on June 23, 1962, at Erickson. Calvin was employed at Riding Mountain National Park and they lived at Onanole. They had three daughters, Tammy, Tracy and Terry. In 1966, Calvin joined the warden service and was stationed at various stations in the Park. In 1968, they were trans­ ferred to Elk Island National Park in Alberta and lived there six years.

They were transferred back to Riding Mountain National Park in 1974 and were stationed at Baldy Lake Warden station near Rossburn for four years. Then they moved to McKinnon Creek Warden station near Me­ Creary where they now reside.

Calvin and Marlene enjoy curling, camping and fishing. Calvin plays hockey with the Old-Timers Hockey Club. All three girls attended school at Ardrosson, Alberta, Rossburn and McCreary. Tammy graduated in 1981 and then went to Brandon and took an L.P.N. course at Assiniboine college. Tracy graduated in 1982


and is presently employed with the M.C.S.

Terry is completing her grade 12 and hopes to find work in the fall.

Claire married Irene King of Calgary, Alberta. Claire has his own business in Calgary. They have two daughters, Cheryl and Corinne.


Bert and Edna Allen and sons, King and Murray, moved to the village of Erickson in August, 1962. Our home was purchased from the Erickson school board. The boys completed their high school at the collegiate. Bert was employed by the Highway Branch until his retirement age and was one of the early residents of the Parkland Senior Citizens home until his death in 1978, at the age of 80.

In the 1930's he worked for the Hillstrand brothers' lumber mill in winter. He was single at this time. He was married in 1941 to Edna Kingdon. There are two sons, Kingdon (King) and Murray.

King is employed by the Royal Bank of Canada Computer Data Centre in Toronto and Murray is em­ ployed by Anthes Equipment Construction Company in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.


Allan Anderson was born near Souris, Manitoba in 1893. He received his early education in Elgin where his father was a teacher and later ran a general store. Allan also entered the teaching profession and taught from 1916 to 1969 excepting for the years in service during the two World Wars. In 1917 he married Nina McMorran who was also a teacher.

He came to Erickson in 1916 teaching the one-room school of that time. After the war he returned in 1919 and remained until 1929 when he was principal and high school teacher of the four room school. He had a rich baritone voice which gave many hours of enjoyment in church and community choirs, solos and quartettes. Nina was also active in the church, singing in the choir as well as being organist.

During the second World War Allan was a Link Trainer Instructor at No. 12. S.F.T.S., Brandon and No. 3 Wireless in Winnipeg. At the end of the war he taught returned veterans under D. V .A. before moving to Selkirk in 1948 where he returned to teaching in elementary and junior high schools. Following his retirement he kept up his interest in history by working at the Lower Fort Garry museum.

Allan and Nina had two children, Robert (deceased) and Marie. Allan passed away in 1981 and Nina in 1983 at the Betel Home Selkirk where they had spent their last years.