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Nathan Bachewich

Mathew Bachewich

Back Row, Left to Right: Christopher, Betty, Edward, Fred, Theresa Bachewich, Eugene, Darla, Joyce, Lepischak, Victor and Lana Bachewich, Shirley and Terry Geletchuk. Front Row: Tristan Lepischak, Raymond Bachewich, Derek Lepischak, Harry, Caroline, Julie and Myranda and Tyler Bachewich.


by Caroline Bachewich

Harry, son of Nickola and Anna Bachewich, nee Pinuta, was born March 15, 1912, on his parents' homestead, S.E. 18-17-19W in the Ozerna district of the Rural Municipality of Harrison. He attended Frazer school and after his father's death, he and his older brother John operated the farm for their mother. When his brother married, John began operating the farm alone, he was then seventeen years of age.

On November 16, 1941, Harry married Caroline Zatylny, daughter of Thomas and Anielka Zatylny. They were married in the St. Nicholas Church, Ozerna. Over the years, Harry and Caroline increased their mixed farming operation to a section of land including his father's homestead. They sold the farms, had an auction sale and retired to their new home in Erickson on April 22, 1974.

Harry has served on the Co-op Board, Pool Elevator Board, President of Sacred Heart Church Board and was a Councillor for Ward Two in the Harrison Municipality. He is now on the Erickson Community Development Board.

They are members of the Erickson Perky Pioneer Group and the Sacred Heart Church of which Caroline is a member of the Women's League. Since retirement, Harry and Caroline have travelled to Poland and ex­ tensively across United States and Canada but enjoy returning home to their gardening, hunting and fishing.


They had seven children; Edward, Fred, Walter, Joyce, Victor, Shirley and Christopher.

Edward, born September 25,1942, on S.E. 18-17-19W and was baptised at St. Nicholas Church, Ozerna. He attended Frazer school and Erickson High school. Ed­ ward was employed by the Hudson's Bay Company Stores in Northern Manitoba at Norway House, Nelson House, Dillon and Cumberland House where he met Betty Rowbotham. They were married on May 27, 1967, and have both received their Bachelor degree in Education and Arts in Winnipeg. Edward teaches at Oakbank, Manitoba, and Betty at Selkirk, Manitoba. They have two children; Raymond, born November 30, 1974, and Julie, born August 17, 1980. The family reside at Lockport, Manitoba.

Fred, born June 24, 1946, on S.E. 18-17-19W and baptised at St. John the Baptist Church, Rackham, Manitoba. He attended school at Frazer, Erickson and Sandy Lake. In 1966-67, Fred received a Mechanics Course at Assiniboine Community College, Brandon, and completed his apprenticeship in 1973. He has worked in Alberta and as far away as Inuvik, Beaufort Sea, Mauritania, Africa and Goose Bay, Labrador. On July 13, 1979, Fred married Theresa Burgess in Edmonton. Theresa is a Registered Nurse but now remains at home caring for their two children. Matthew Adam born January 11, 1982, and Nathan David born May 31, 1983.

Waiter, born October 10, 1947 and passed away November 27,1947.

Joyce, born November 27, 1948, on S.E. 18-17-19W,