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Dora now reside at Prineville, Oregon.

Hildur (1911) the third girl, got her schooling at Scandinavia, and worked at Erickson for some years for Mr. and Mrs. Gust Freko before going to Minneapolis, where her sister Edith already lived. There she married Norman Iverson. They have one son, Marvin. They all reside in Minneapolis.

Carrie (1915) the youngest member of the family, took some schooling at Scandinavia and finished it at Lakelet school. She worked in Minnedosa for some years and married Andy Johnson. (refer to Johnson, Andrew and Selma).


by Anne Kingdon

Kristian and Carolina Baglo arrived in Canada from Norway in 1904. They came with their eldest daughter Anna and her three sons, her husband having come to Minnedosa the year before. Also coming with them were Kris, Ingvald, Olga, Peter, Marinus, Kore, Olive and Fritz.

Peter Baglo settled in the Municipality of Clan william on the N.E. 14-17-17W that year and bought it in February, 1911 from P.E.R. Koping Estate.

Ingvald Baglo settled on the S.E. 14-17-17W and bought the land in 1910. Kristian and Carolina with Kore, Fritz and Olive lived with him. Kristian had been a shoemaker in Norway so obtained work in Minnedosa as a shoemaker for Odell for many years.

The Baglo brothers were also exceptionally good stone masons. They could take a stone and within minutes, have it split to the right size pieces. They built the Edwin Oman home and many stone basements in the area, one being the old Booth homestead. They also helped build many stone buildings in Minnedosa under Mr. Zet­ terlund.

Peter sold his farm in 1924 and Ingvald in 1919. Most of them moved to Saskatchewan. Ingvald married and had a large family and worked in B.C. and was killed in a logging accident. He was buried near Buchanan, Saskatchewan as many of the others have been.


by Gordon Baisley

Our family's first involvement in the district's nearby area was that of my mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Jane Wedow, nee Millburn, who came as a child, with her parents, in the year 1878 to Arden Ridge. They came from Toronto by rail to Chicago, by barge on the Red River to Winnipeg and oxcart to the Eden area. They spent some years there before moving to the Pipestone Municipality near Virden.

I personally first set foot in the Municipality of Clan william over fifty years ago when I was dispatched to Clanwilliam as CNR Relief Agent for two weeks in October 1925, then again for the same during August, 1926. In 1929, I spent two weeks during that summer in

Erickson. In May, 1948, my wife Lillian and I and family moved to Erickson where we resided for over six years in the CNR station where I worked as permanent Agent­ Operator. My mother-in-law lived with us during our Erickson days.

The CNR during that time was widely involved in the business of the community. There were three passenger trains each direction which carried the Royal Mail, passengers, express, etc.; also a way-freight which handled the LCL freight and carload traffic. The west­ bound passenger trains were usually met by our local drayman and transport from the outlying districts:

Hilltop, Scandinavia, Crawford Park, Onanole and Wasagaming. During the tourist season there was heavy telegraph business in connection with reservations of tourist housing accommodation in the Park. McMorran Agency was the well-known go-between at that time. A large part of the hard-topping for the highway through the park, which came from Lloydminster, was unloaded and processed at Erickson.

During my time there Erickson was incorporated as a Village. The Hospital and rink were built. The "Turkey Trail" was rerouted and improved.

Our family - Six children - three boys and three girls, some of whom had gone out on their own before we arrived at Erickson, were -

Kathleen - Mrs. F.P. Cote, Winnipeg. Bernard - Grandview, Man.

Morris - Powell River, B.C.

Vaughan - Hinton, Alta.

Mary - Mrs. Walter Skogstad, Clanwilliam Man. ­ refer to Walter Skogstad.

Sharon - Mrs. Dennis Hunter, Selkirk, Man.

My wife, Lillian Baisley, passed away October, 1981. I have made my home in Carman.


by the/amity

Henry Ernest "Harry" and Annie were married in Campbellford, Ontario, on December 8, 1910. Harry was a chief paper maker in the Campbell ford Paper Mill and due to ill health was advised to change his occupation. A young man and his bride packed their household and personal belongings, travelled by train arriving in Minnedosa on Easter Sunday in 1912. On June 18, 1912, Harry walked from the Scandinavia Community of the R.M. of Clanwilliam to Dauphin, to apply for a homestead patent on N.E. 27-18-17W. He received the title on September 5, 1916. Three sons were born on the homestead.

Levi born March, 1913, married, raised a family and presently he and his wife reside in Minnedosa.

Ray, born March, 1914, married, raised a family and now he and his wife reside on N.W. 3-14-19W in the Rapid City area.

Ernest, born October, 1915, married, raised a family, he and his wife are presently residing in Minnedosa.

In the fall of 1916, the crops froze and the first week in December of the same year, the home Harry and Annie built burned, with most of their belongings lost. After