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by Flora Ehlin

Gustav Emil Bohm Bengtson was born in Udvalle, Sweden, in 1876. After spending some time doing cement and stone work in Norway and Sweden, and working on a whaling ship, Gustav decided to join his brother Carl in Canada in 1903. ' ,

Gustav found employment in Minnedosa building cement sidewalks and working on the first dam at Minnedosa. He was a member fo the Forresters' Lodge for many years.

Gus then moved to a farm on S.E. 31-17-18W across the road from his brother, Carl. Not being a farmer at heart, he sold his farm and moved into Erickson. He built the livery barn and two houses which he rented out. Gus lived in a room over the livery barn.

Gustav was a person who cared much for his fellowmen and was ready to help them in any way he could in time of need.

He continued to do cement work, making many of the first cement sidewalks in Erickson. He carried on this kind of work until his death in 1948.

Gustav Bengtson



We came from Virden, Manitoba, to Erickson in August 1978, purchasing the former Olav Olson home where we still reside. We both have spent a good part of our lives in the Virden area. Blair was involved in the plumbing and heating trades and at one time had his own business. Before her marriage, Joyce had worked for several years in the nursing profession.

We have four children, three girls and one boy. Linda, our eldest is married to Gary Holdaway, who was born and raised in Flin Flon. They have resided in Edmonton since 1977.

Patti graduated from Erickson Collegiate in 1981 and is presently enrolled at Assiniboine Community College.

Karen graduated from Erickson Collegiate in 1982 and at the present time is working away from home.

Cameron, the youngest, is still attending school in Erickson.

We have found Erickson a good place to live. We have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. It is to be hoped our stay here will be a long one.


Hilda Manstrom, a widow and her daughter Matilda (Lundman) came to Canada in 1910. Later she married Andrew Benson, they farmed on S.E. 36-17-18W.

Andrew passed away and Hilda lived with her daughter until she passed away.


by Carl Benson

Charles Benson was born in Sweden March 19 1874 youngest son of Bernt and Junine Anderson of .Krarn­ fors, Angermanland, Sweden.

Charles and his parents emigrated to Canada in 1892 to join older brothers Olof and Andrew Benson who had come to Canada around 1889. Bernt Anderson took up homestead on the southeast shore of Otter Lake S.W. 36- 17-18, but later sold it to his son Andrew Benson. Another brother, Ben Benson, arrived in 1893 and settled in the Hilltop district, later moved to Minnedosa. Olof Benson originally had homesteaded on S.E. 36 but later sold it to Andrew Benson and settled in the Lund district.

Charles worked on railroad construction in Saskat­ chewan and on farms in North Dakota in 1895-96, then came back to Canada and took up homestead in Manitoba, now Erickson district on N.W. 22-17-18W in 1898. The first part of his house was built in 1898-99 an addition was built in 1905 with logs cut on the h~mestea~l. This house is still inhabited at the present, with repairs and improvements made through the years.

Signe Haggstrom came to Canada from Ornskoldsvik Angermanland, Sweden, in 1902. After working out for private families and hotels in Minnedosa and Beubier Hotel in Brandon, she married Charles Benson on December 28, 1905.