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Arthur Bergeson

1960. They have three children: Cindy Dawn, born May 28, 1961; Candace Shaun, born November 19, 1962; Douglas Gordon, born April 19, 1966. Candace married Terry Chiceluk in 1980, and they have one daughter, Tara Leigh, born August 20, 1981.

Gladys Ellen, born December 10, 1943, took all her schooling at Onanole and later attended the University of Manitoba and at present is teaching in Winnipeg as a resource teacher. She married Joe Sydor on June 9, 1962. They have two children: Myrna Marie, born August 7, 1965; Donald Robert, born October 22, 1967.

Doreen Mae, born April 28, 1946, attended Onanole School and later Erickson school. She married Lawrence Seligman on June 15, 1970. They have one daughter Lorena Jean, born August 18, 1964. Doreen worked for fifteen years at Kimberley Clarke until the company closed down March 31, 1983.

Kelvin Rae was born March 23, 1953. He attended Onanole school and finished his high school in Erickson. He attended the University of Winnipeg for one year and then moved to Calgary, Alberta. He took a two year course in technology and worked for Shell. At present he is attending the University of Alberta to acquire his engineering papers. He married Chris Blanchard in November, 1974. They had two daughters: Kelly Ann, born June 17, 1974; Carman Eileen, born October 5, 1977.

Clarence Henry, born January 2, 1955, attended Onanole school and completed his high school at Erickson. He also attended the University of Manitoba for one year and later worked in Riding Mountain National Park. Clarence passed away on August 6, 1978, and is buried at Onanole Cemetery.

Jeffrey James was born June 19, 1956. He also at­ tended Onanole school and completed his high school in Erickson. Later he attended the University of Manitoba and graduated as an engineer in 1976. At present he is working for Drummand Oil in Calgary, Alberta.

Myrna Faye Ruth was born April 20, 1957. Faye also attended Onanole school and completed her high school in Erickson. Faye went to Calgary and attended Mount Royal College and graduated in criminology. At present she is working in Edmonton as a social worker. She married Barry Smith on May 19, 1979. They have one son Travis John Albert, born March 9,1980.


by Ragnar Bergeson

Ragnar was born on February 4, 1914, at the home farm, son of Emil and Hansine Bergeson. He received his education at Erickson. Then he went to Dominion Business College, Winnipeg, for one year. In 1938, he started farming on his own, renting W. 112 29-17-18W from Carrie Ramgren until 1940. In December, 1939, he married Bertha Irene North of Erickson and they moved to the P .K. Peterson farm for three years, moving back to 29-17 -18W and also farming the Ole Christianson farm. From 1947 to 1964, they farmed at Portage la Prairie, 3/4 of 17-13-7, spending their winters at Erickson and Onanole. Ragnar worked for Manitoba Power Company, later Manitoba Hydro, from 1953 to 1963. They moved back to Erickson in 1964 making their home on part SE 5-18-18W. They farmed several parcels of land also on the Rolling River Reserve.

Ragnar and Bertha have one son Randell Albert born on November 26, 1945, at Lady Minto Hospital, Min­ nedosa. He received his education at Rob Roy school in the Rural Municipality of Portage and at Onanole and Erickson. He left school in 1964 going to Winnipeg to work. In 1969, he married Carole Warren of Marietta, Ohio. Carole taught school at Erickson and Marietta, Ohio. Later they were divorced.

Randy then moved to Toronto working as manager for Browning Ferris Industries "B.F.I.". In 1978, he married Sandra McKay of Toronto, Ontario. His work calls for extensive travelling to the United States, South America, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and other points, to date one circle of the globe. Randy and Sandra reside in Toronto.

Ragnar, Randy and Bertha Bergeson.


by Anna McInnes

Martin was born in 1883 in Sigerfjord, Norway. He emigrated to Canada in 1907, where, in partnership with Peter K. Peterson, the N.E. 4-18-18W was purchased from August Haralson. They lived there until 1913 when this property was sold to C.O. Carlson and Martin