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Prince Rupert. He worked for the British Columbia Bridge and Dredging Company. I taught school in Saskatchewan for a short while and then joined him in Prince Rupert in the office of the same company and later I was a civilian clerk in the Ordnance Department of the United States Army. This was a very interesting period of our lives.

At the end of the war we returned home. We bought the house that stands on the farm now from near Rossburn. There was much still to be done with it. In about 1954, my husband's health had begun to fail and by 1961, he rented the farm to Wendell Johnston. We continued to live on the farm and Tom kept himself busy finishing the house, looking after a huge yard and helping me with the gardening. By 1975, he could no longer continue even those things so we sold the farm to Conrad Ziehlke. We took a suite at Parkland Home where I still reside. Tom passed away October 3, 1976.

During our years on the farm we took several long trips and I am thankful now that we did. I hope that other young farm couples will make the same effort and enjoy their lives while they are together and still able to do so.


by Joan

Bob was born October 5, 1929, at Accrington Langshire, England. While serving with the Royal Air Force at Carberry, Manitoba, he met and married Joan Taylor on October 4, 1941, in St. Marks Anglican Church, Minnedosa. Bob returned to England in November 1943, posted with the Royal Air Force in June 1944 - October 1945 to the European Theatre Operations. Joan and son Harold went to England in 1944 by Sea Convoy where she did war work for some time. Bob received his discharge from the Royal Air Force.

Bob, Joan and son Harold returned to Canada in 1948.

Bob gave up his job as a Bobbie in the British Police and Joan, an Inspector for Ewbank Carpet Sweepers.

In 1950, Bob joined the Royal Canadian Air Force serving in Labrador and Quebec until his retirement in 1968. At this time they took over the Scandinavia General Store on N.E. 7-18-17W from Joan's mother, Lavinia Taylor which they operated for several years until they closed it. They still reside there. Bob is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Erickson, and Joan is a member of Legion Auxiliary.

Their three children are:

Harold, born January 13, 1943, in the Nedrob District with Dr. Rutledge and Mrs. William Taylor in at­ tendance. He attended Scandinavia School and is presently living at Nepean, Ontario, with his wife and their three children Chrisslee, Jonathan and Kimberly.

Suzanne, born September 29, 1951, at Goose Bay, Labrador, attended school at Erickson. She married Bud Clayton and has since been divorced. Suzanne and their children Shelley and Dean are presently living at Nepean, Ontario.

Dawn, born February 11, 1955, at Valdor, Quebec


attended school at Erickson. Dawn worked at the Nordic Inn, Erickson. She has one child, Robin and they reside at Nepean, Ontario.


by the Family

Nick came to Canada in 1912, accompanied by his brother Wasyl. He resided with Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kostenchuk at Mountain Road for six years and worked for farmers in the area.

In 1918, Nick married Annie Woywada, daughter of Samuel and Martha Woywada, at the St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Mountain Road. For the first two years, they lived with Annie's parents, while Nick worked for farmers in the Franklin district clearing land. In 1920, Nick and Annie moved to N.E. 36-16-17W and after a few years, moved to S.W. lO-17-17W where they resided for twelve years. In 1929, the S.W. 11-17- 17W was purchased by them and all new log buildings were erected. The plastering of mud and straw was all done by hand.

Nick passed away at the age of 57 in 1951. In 1953, Annie moved to St. Catherines, Ontario where she passed away in 1975 at 73 years. Nick and Annie were active members of the church and were blessed with ten children.

Sam, died in infancy.

Jack, born April 16, 1920, on S.W. 14-17-17W, at­ tended school at Lund. He worked on the family farm

Back Row, Left to Right: Rose, Roy, Jack, Sam, Mary. Front Row:

Willie, Nick, Nester, Annie, Walter Chemerika.