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Boyko, daughter of Mike and Margaret Boyko. They spent the first winter in Winnipeg where they were both employed. In the spring of 1970, they returned to farm with Larry's dad. Their first home was a 8 x 32 trailer. In 1971, they purchased a larger trailer and moved it to their own farm on S.E. 14-17-17W. In 1972, when Sherian was in the hospital with their second child, their mobile home was destroyed by fire and then a third trailer was pur­ chased. In 1976, the trailer was sold and they moved a house onto the present site. Larry, while farming, also worked at Morris Rod Weeder in Minnedosa. Today, they are farming and Larry also drives a school bus for the Rolling River School Division. Larry and Sherian were blessed with three children:

Sheila Merrie, born March 16, 1971, attends school in Erickson. She is involved with sewing in 4-H, enjoys sports and being with people. Kimberley Ann, born October 2, 1972, and attends school in Erickson. She is in her third year of organ lessons, also enjoys music and reading. Jeffery Lawrence, born October 31, 1977. He has completed kindergarten at Erickson and is going on to Grade 1. He enjoys the farm and anything to do with the outdoors.

Linda, born May 26, 1950, attended school at Lund and Erickson and then received a hairdressing course in Brandon. She began her singing career, with the local band in the Erickson area and has since sang with other bands, Donovan and the Wanderers and Linda and the Atlantic's, also aT. V. program with Bill Hillman and Barry Forman. On June 3, 1972, Linda married Marvin Guspodarchuk and they reside in Winnipeg. Their children are; Dayna born October 11, 1975, and David born August 17, 1977.

Nicholas, born May 10, 1959, attended school at Erickson, played with the Rhythm Kings and Riding Mountain Polka Kings. He worked on the farm and then on construction in Northern Alberta. On August 21, 1982, Nicholas married Lisa Proven of Clanwilliam. They farm and reside on S.E. 25-17-17W and he also works part time on construction.

Editor's Note: Mary passed away December 11, 1983.


by Josie Chemerika

William "Willie", son of Nick and Ann Chemerika was born on December 14, 1930 on S.E. 1O-17-17W. He was 3 years old when he and his parents, brothers and sisters moved to S.W. 11-17-17W. He attended Lund school, but quit at an early age to help out on the family farm.

In 1953, Willie went to Winnipeg to try city life. After a short time, he returned to the family farm.

In July 3, 1954, William married Josephine Baraniuk, daughter of Nick and Pearl Baraniuk of Mountain Road, at St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church at Mountain Road. For the next three years they lived on the family farmS.W.II-17-17W.

In July, 1957, they moved to the S.W. 15-17-17W.

Their farm involves mixed grain, commercial and


The Willie Chemerika Family. Left to Right: Michelle, Laurie, Willie, Ricky, Wendell, Madeline. Seated: Josie and Janice.

domestic cattle and expanded to Purebred Charolois. Willie and Josie, along with their 6 children can honestly say, "Life can be beautiful and Life can be miserable with Gods help we are happy and healthy".

Janice, born May 4, 1955. She attended Lund and Erickson school. She completed her education at The Pas, where she received her training as a Dental Assistant Nurse. On August 14, 1982, she married Leo Sanderson of Winnipeg, in Neepawa. They are now living in Winnipeg.

Ricky, born March 7, 1959, attended school in Erickson. After Ricky graduated, he went to Grimsby, Ontario. On July 4, 1981, he married Ann Westun. Ricky and his wife Ann reside in her home town at Grimsby, Ontario.

Laurie, born September 3, 1962, and attended school in Erickson. She works and resides in Winnipeg.

Wendell, born July 2, 1964. He attended school in Erickson. He is living at home and works on the farm helping his father.

Madeline, born August 7, 1966, and attended school in Erickson. She lives at home and helps on the farm.

Michelle, born February 7, 1970, and at present at­ tends high school in Erickson. Michelle is taking ac­ cordion lessons in Minnedosa and lives at home.


by Ada Shellborn

Anton and Sofia were married in Denmark. In the early 1900's Anton passed away, leaving Sofia a widow.

Sofia and daughters Ellen Jenson, Margaret and nephew Chris Reddick emigrated to Canada aboard the ship Saxonia, landing at Halifax in July, 1920.

Ellen was born in Haslan, Denmark, April 2, 1884, married Carl Jensen in Denmark and was a widow at age 27.