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On April 5, 1892, Mr. Christopherson applied for his homestead entry for the N.W. 6-18-17W. The young couple erected a frame house and a log barn. In 1892, when Peter applied for homestead entry, he had two horses, two head of cattle and one pig. By 1896, when he received his patent for the homestead, he had three horses, seven head of cattle and fourteen back breaking acres cleared with a walking plow and horses. The young couple continued on through the years to break more land and increase their herd of cattle. Mr. Christopherson took great part in community affairs. On May 17, 1900, he was selected to serve as Justice of the Peace for the Scandinavia district and did so for forty years. Also in 1893, he was a councillor for the municipality and in 1903 was elected Reeve for the Clanwilliam Municipality and held that office in­ termittently until 1942 when he retired.

Peter was Post Master for the Scandinavia district in 1892 and Secretary-Treasurer for the school board for several years. Peter and Taletta had a family of five children. Two of their children, a boy and a girl died when they were infants. Their three remaining children were Mable, Thyra and Fred.

Peter not knowing how to drive, never owned a vehicle, he always used horses for his transportation. Mr. and Mrs. Christopherson celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on January 2, 1952, Peter was then 88 years of age and Taletta 81 years.

In the spring of that same year the old couple were devastated, when their family home burned to the ground. They had lost everything. They lived with their daughter Thyra for a few months while their nephew, young Harry Tiller and a friend, Arnold Backland, built them a new little house on their old homestead on the site where the old home used to be. The old couple moved into their new home that fall.

Mrs. Christopherson after a short illness, passed away on September 15, 1954, in her 84th year. Peter was left a sad and lonely man without his beloved wife. He then moved in and lived with his son Fred and his wife.

Mr. Christopherson passed away quietly after a short illness on March 25, 1955, with his son Fred at his bedside. At his death, Peter was in his 92nd year.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopherson's three children all attended the Red school house in Scandinavia which was situated on the quarter east of their homestead.

Their first child Mabel was born July I, 1894 at Clanwilliam, Manitoba. She attended high school at Minnedosa and Normal school at Manitou, Manitoba.

Mabel had an ambition to be a school teacher and a teacher she became. She taught school at Norland and Scandinavia and at one time was teaching when her young brother Fred started school. I guess that was quite an experience because young Fred was noted to be quite a little mischief maker.

One year when school was out for vacation time, Mabel went to Grafton, N.D., to spend a holiday with her aunt, Mrs. Ole Rod. Mabel met Oscar Tylken there and became engaged to him. They came back to be married at her parents home in Scandinavia in 1921. They then returned to Grafton, N.D., where they farmed until Oscar's death in 1960.


Peter and Taletta.

Mabel and Oscar had seven children. Dorothy, Lorraine, Vernon, Elenore, Lowell, Millicent and Glen. They all live in the U.S.A. Twelve years ago in March, Mabel moved off their farm and now lives in an apart­ ment in the town of Grafton, N.D.

Thyra their second child was born in 1899. She was content to stay at home and help her parents. On December 15, 1920, Thyra married Harry Tiller and they farmed the N.E. 18-18-17W for many years until they retired and moved to Erickson.

Thyra's husband passed away in 1978 and Thyra now lives in the Sandy Lake Nursing home. They had a family of six children. Their children all had their earlier years of schooling at the Nedrob school.


by Leona Johnson

Fred the youngest child of Peter and Taletta was born November 26, 1908. Fred lived at home with his parents until his marriage to Elsie Harrison in 1934. Elsie was the daughter of Sid and Olga Harrison who at that time ran the Scandinavia Store. Elsie was employed with Dr. Rutledge of Erickson until her marriage.

Fred had purchased a parcel of land for himself N. W. 17-18-17W and built a four-room log house to which he brought his new bride. Times were hard for the young couple. Many times, Fred would get up early in the morning, cut a load of cordwood, haul it into Erickson with a team of horses and try to sell it to get a pound of coffee or maybe some flour or sugar and once to get a very much needed pair of cotton stockings for their new