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1957, the same year Hec got his commercial. We are charter members of the Manitoba Flying Farmers. I was chosen F.F. Queen in 1957 and also served on the executive. For the last twelve years I have worked as Librarian (part time) in the Minnedosa Collegiate as well as bookkeeper at home for the family company. We have three children; Wayne born in 1948, Judy in 1950 and Wendy in 1954, were all educated in Bethany and Minnedosa Schools.

When Wayne started school in Bethany, the school bus was horses and van in winter and cars in summer. Bob Boyd drove our route, his wife Essey was Wayne and Judy's first teacher. After leaving school, Wayne spent 4 years as carpenter apprentice, attending Red River Community College in Winnipeg and working with Steve Skatch, a Building contractor in Minnedosa. In 1969, he married Diane Skatch of Minnedosa. Wayne built a home in town where they lived for a short time. They moved to The Pas where he worked (carpenter) for Churchill Forest Industries for two years. They came back to the farm in 1972, where he farms with his dad. They formed a company in 1975 known as Hec-Way Ltd. Wayne loves all sports, has his instructor's papers for rifle club, as well as his pilot's licence. Both he and Diane are very involved in community work. Wayne was building chairman for Bethany Community Centre as well as serving in other capacities. In 1979, he was ap­ pointed to the Pesticide Advisory Board for the Provincial Government. Wayne and Diane have three children. Guy born in 1974, Gaylene in 1976 and Kent in 1978.

Judy, after completing school, started in the Royal Bank in Erickson. After two years, she was transferred to Calgary where she worked in the bank for a few years and then in a nursing home (office). She is a very artistic person. She does oil paintings and has sold many of her pictures. On returning to Minnedosa, she taught painting and has displays. She loves antiques and has many in her home. In January, 1979, she married James Boyd of Bethany, a farmer and plumber. Judy opened a Ladies Wear Shop in 1979 in Minnedosa called The Fashion House. Judy and Jim reside in Minnedosa.

Wendy, after completing grade 12, married Brian Horner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Horner of Cadurcis. Wendy is also very artistic and works on all kinds of crafts. They both love camping and swimming. Brian has just obtained his Commercial Pilot's Licence and intends to use it in his employment. They live in Minnedosa with their two children, Tracy born in 1971, in grade 4 at school and Megan born in 1976.

Christine, my youngest sister was born in 1932. She was educated in both Grey and Eden schools. After graduating, she started working in the Royal Bank in McCreary and later transferred to the bank in Nanaimo, B.C. In 1953, she married Dal Rink. They have five children, four girls and one boy. Chris and Dal have lived in Nanaimo, Duncan, Terrance and Kelsey Bay. They now reside in Prince George, B.C. where Dal is super­ visor of Provincial Parks for B.C. Chris has worked in the bank off and on for a number of years. She has also been an ardent bowler and has won many trophies. Their children are Karen born in 1954. She is a Lab and X-Ray

Technician and works at the Royal Columbia Hospital in New Westminster. She married Mike Bevan-Prichard, an architectural engineer. They live at Burnaby, B.C. Allan, born in 1955 works at a sawmill in Prince George. Cheryl, born in 1958, married Roy Tannock, a main­ tenance supervisor at a pulp mill in Nanaimo. They have two children, Curt age three and Sarah age six months. Janet born in 1960 works in a hospital in Prince George. Kathy, the youngest, born in 1964, is in Grade 9, living at home.

My brothers, sisters, and I have always been quite close and have kept in touch with each other over the years. In 1977, we had a family reunion in Bethany Community Centre. This was the first time in many years we have all been together. My dad's brother, Marshall Cook of Clanwilliam, (has since passed on) and his sister Ethel Trembley of Yorkton also attended. Aunt Ethel is now the only surviving member of the Andrew Cook family. Albert and Freeman Kaufman of Minnedosa, my mothers two surviving brothers, also attended with their wives. Aunt Francy (Mrs. Tom Simmons), my mother's only surviving sister has been in a nursing home in Brandon for many years and was unable to attend.


by Russell Cook

Andrew Allan Cunningham, the third son born to the Andrew Cook's on February 5, 1891, at the farm at Clanwilliam. As it was hard to travel very far, he along with the other members of the family only attended school when the weather was not too cold. However, he completed his education at Lakelet school which at that time was just north of McKenel's Lake. He helped run the home farm and his grandfather'S for a number of years before buying the S.W. 14-16-18W in 1915. Much hard work was needed to break more acreage, so it was not until 1919, that he built a house and barn and made his home there. On December 14, 1921, he married Viola McPherson, eldest daughter of Archibald and Elizabeth McPherson also from the Clanwilliam district. One year later the first of nine children was born.

Not only did Allan and Viola work hard to provide well for their young and growing family, they also had time for community work as well. They attended the Presbyterian church and later the United church, she being active in the W.M.S. and the Ladies Aid. He was more active in school and municipal affairs having served several terms as trustee on the Grey school board. In 1935, he entered the municipal field and was elected councillor for Ward four in Minto Municipality. He served as councillor until 1943 when he was elected Reeve thus carrying on the tradition begun by his father and grandfather. One of his greatest joys was in 1946 when Power Commission crews moved into Minto and hydro power became a reality for most residents by Christmas that year.

Neither of our parents were to reach old age as Dad died on November 26, 1953, following a lengthy illness while Mom followed on April 11, 1963, she too having been ill for quite some time. Their memory and influence