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The Jack Cutter family. Josie, May, Isla, Barry, Wilma, Jack, John, Betty.


by Bill Dagg

James Dagg was born in 1857 in Brockville, Ont., and moved to Manitoba about 1880, shortly after he married Sarah Jane Hopkins. They raised a family of nine.

One son, William Joseph, born in 1903, in 1931 married Eva Margaret Carter, born in 1909, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carter of Bethany.

Bill and Eva first started farming on the NE quarter of 25-16-17W in 1931. In 1936, they moved to a quarter in

The William Dagg Family. Bernie, Hazel, Joyce, Doreen, Bill Jr., Marjorie, seated William and Eva.


the Empire district; then in 1939 to the Scandinavia area' in 1942 to the Hilltop district, and in 1946 lived in the Village of Clanwilliam for a year. In 1947, they returned to Scandinavia and settled on the SW 7 -18-17W, where the Immigration House had been located, and lived there for approximately 13 years. In the fall of 1960, they moved to the Town of Minnedosa, where they are now retired.

Bill and Eva had a family of seven. One infant son, Thomas James, died at three months. Their children now are at various points in western Canada and in Manitoba.

Marjorie (born in 1932) Trott and three sons, Ken, Rodney and Alan, live in British Columbia.

Bill (born in 1935) and Sadie and daughter, Jennifer, in Brandon.

Doreen (born in 1939) and Dave Thompson live in British Columbia. They have two sons, Neil in Alberta and Scott in Saskatchewan.

Joyce (born in 1941) Holmberg and two sons, Brian and Lawrence, in Neepawa.

Hazel (born in 1943) English, son Terry and daughter JoAnn in Brandon.

Bernie (born in 1945) Dagg in Alberta.


by Thora Lofgren

Hans and Henrikke were born in Norway in 1845.

They were married on July 30, 1869 and had five children - Hartwig, Edward, Peder, Hansine and Peter Hanson. In Norway it was customary to take the father's given name and add "son" to it; thus the change of the children's surname to Hanson.

All the family came to Canada with the exception of Edward, who was a fisherman. His ship and crew were lost at sea in a bad storm.

They emigrated to Canada in 1900 and with them came Olga Marie Inga Severine who was born October 21, 1891, in Sortland. She was one year old when the Danielson's took her into their home and she remained with them. She married Sid Harrison. (refer to Harrison, Sid).

Hans and Henrikke came to the Erickson district and homesteaded S.W. 10-18-18W in 1901. They farmed there for some years and then sold their farm to their son, Peder, and moved to his place on S.E. 16-18-18W. They helped to organize the Bethel Lutheran Church in 1907 and were members in the Erickson church. Olga was one of the first confirmation class in Bethel Church.

In 1919, they decided to go to Oregon with their son Peter. Hans never reached his destination; he died as he stepped off the train in Portland, Oregon. Henrikke went on and lived in Oregon a few years, then returned to Canada and lived her last years with her son, Peder and his wife Anna. Henrikke passed away June II, 1933.