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Calgary, Alberta, president of Tracer Development Winnipeg Ltd. and of Doan Enterprises Ltd.

After completing high school Thelma attended Normal School in Winnipeg and taught school until her marriage. When they moved to Winnipeg she resumed her teaching career, choosing the Junior High level. After working in all subject areas she spent her last twelve years in Home Economics as a Foods teacher. After twenty-five years in the Transcona-Springfield S.D. she was recognized for her work with children of special needs. After over thirty years of teaching she retired in 1981.

George and Thelma have three children all born while they lived at Erickson.

Theodore (Ted), born February 26, 1947. He started school in Westmount and completed his education in Winnipeg, studying for a time at the University of Manitoba. He then moved to Calgary where he is engaged in construction. He owns Western Plains Building Ltd. and Tracer Homes. He and his wife, Bonnie Murdoch, have no children.

Dennis, born April 28, 1948, after high school ap­ prenticed as a sheet-metal worker. Upon receiving his journeyman's papers, he worked for various building companies in Winnipeg and then opened his own company, Naod Ventilation in 1976 and is also involved in other enterprises. In 1971 he married Gloria Laudinsky and they have two daughters, Alethea and Christa.

Gayadelle, born December 16, 1951, also took some University courses. She is married to Philip Heimbecker, grandson of the founder of Parrish and Heimbecker Grain Co. They live in Calgary in the house the family moved there from Wellington Crescent in Winnipeg. Philip is a stockbroker with Dominion Securities. They have two sons, Lloyd and Matthew.


Abraham and Rose came to Winnipeg from Odessa, Russia, in approximately 1905. They were married in Russia. Abraham arrived first and about a year later was followed by his wife, his parents and other members of his family.

He was a house painter for a while and then set up a candy store for his parents in Winnipeg.

About 1917, he moved his family to Erickson and started a general store. The family consisted of five children; Edith, Anne, Sydney, Lillian and Alex. The latter was born after the family settled in Erickson.

Abraham, shortly after, was struck with a grave illness and spent many months at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Here, in the age before antibiotics, he was sent home to die. However, he confounded the doctors as he lived another twenty-five years. In fact, for many years a doctor's report was sent to the Mayo Clinic. While he was still in a wheel chair - tragedy struck in the form of a fire and the store was destroyed.

Needless to say, Abraham and Rose were people of great courage. She had the responsibility of small children and a business to run, with assistance from a relative, while Abraham convalesced. Because of his


good reputation, wholesalers in Winnipeg offered him credit, so that after the fire they were able to start over again.

When he had fully recovered, Abraham also bought and sold farms. In fact the family piano was obtained by receiving it from an English immigrant family in ex­ change for a farm. He also built a section of houses in Erickson which was called Donerville.

He was a generous man who brought relatives out from Russia. One of these was his nephew, Sam Bolt, for whom he opened a confectionery store in Erickson and later joined him in business at Clear Lake. They opened a General Store on the outskirts of the Riding Mountain, near the present south park gate. Here, they catered to the needs of relief camps of the thirties. When the Park boundaries were extended beyond this point, they were in the Park.

After Abraham deceased in 1945, Rose and Alex continued to run the business and enlarged the Lodge, adding housekeeping cabins, a swimming pool etc. Rose was deceased in 1967 and the sole owner is Alex.

Abraham and Rose Donner.

Descendents of Abe and Rose Doner:

Edith, married Joseph Druker, Cap Manufacturers in Montreal. She was deceased in 1977. One daughter Rosalind, married to Morris Goodman, owner of a Pharmaceutical Company in Montreal. Rosalind was a B.A. Graduate of McGill University. They have four children; Debbie, David, Jonathan and Shawna.

Anne married to David Jossby, owner of a Chain of Drug Stores in Montreal. They had three sons; Daniel, Kenneth and Alan, all Ph. D. Scientists and residing respectively in Princeton, New Jersey, Israel and Berkeley, California. Anne was widowed and is presently