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The Bill Earley family. Cindy, Bill, Barbara, Glen, Edith, Roberta.

registered nurse in St. Boniface Hospital.

Barbara received her Bachelor of Education in Business from the University of Manitoba in 1980 and is teaching in the Ken Seaford Junior high school in the Seven Oaks school division. She married Joe DiCuszia in July, 1982 and they are living in Charleswood.

Roberta is in her 4th year of pharmacy at the University of Manitoba and at this writing hopes to graduate in May, 1983.

Glen is in Grade 12 at the Erickson collegiate and is very active in basketball and drama and is playing hockey with the Minnedosa Juveniles.


by EmmyEden

Klas Kristian Eden was born in Alfsborgs Lan, Sweden, August 25, 1886. He came to Canada in 1910 by boat, landing in Halifax July 22. (learned later that Mrs. Gust (Matilda) Lundman was on the same boat). He travelled by train to Port Arthur (Thunder Bay) Ontario where he worked 1 year at the grain terminal. He came to Winnipeg, Manitoba on August 10, 1911, where he worked as a carpenter and paperhanger by trade.

Klas married Emrny Johanna Nelson, youngest daughter of the late Nels Nickolas Nelson and Margreta Erika (Engholm) Nelson of Winnipeg on January 29, 1927, in the Swedish Baptist Church, Logan Avenue,


Winnipeg. Emmy was born in Stode Medelpad, Sweden, August 29, 1900. She came to Canada by boat in 1906 with her mother and sisters Alice and Hilma. They travelled by train from Halifax to Winnipeg arriving June 22, 1906. They were met by her father, older sister and brother (Julia and Julius) who came to Canada in 1905 (Julia in 1904). Emmy recalls the first thing her father showed them in their new home was the flush toilet that he was so proud of.

Klas and Emmy's elder son, Melvin Herbert was born October 12, 1930 and their younger son Clifford Arnold was born June 6, 1932. Both were born in St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg.

Because of the "Great Depression" (Dirty Thirties) Klas and I (Emmy) the boys and my mother came by car to Mrs. Andrew Benson's farm S.E. 36-17-18W in the Hilltop District on June 15, 1934. Klas made a living by small carpentry jobs in summer and cutting cordwood in winter. My mother (Margreta Nelson) passed away November 17, 1935, at the age of 79 years with interment in Hilltop Baptist Church Cemetery. Mother was very happy here, enjoyed reading and the fresh country air.

In June, 1936, we moved to S.E. 26-17-18W renting this farm from Andrew Peterson, Lyford, Texas. Klas bought this farm from Andrew on April 28, 1951. Although times were hard, we enjoyed the life of mixed farming.

In 1940, I recall Dr. Rutledge asking Hilltop and Lund women to form a Red Cross Club to support our boys in the Army. Mrs. Gust Lundman and I travelled together to the very first meeting held in the Hilltop Baptist Church basement. I enjoyed being a member for many years. The club is presently known as Hilltop Women's Club. Representing this club, I was one of the women to organize the first Public Washroom in Erickson in the building now known as the Perky Pioneer Centre.

Melvin and Clifford attended Hilltop School through grade eight. Klas insisted that the boys learn their mother tongue by he and I speaking Swedish to them at home. Melvin could not speak English when he started school, fortunately his first teacher (Miss Danielson) could speak Swedish. Clifford attended Erickson High School. He biked in the summer and drove a horse in the winter. He graduated from grade eleven in June of 1949. Clifford played on the Erickson Baseball team and the High School and Intermediate Hockey teams. Melvin and Clifford were involved in 4-H and enjoyed curling, skating, golfing, hunting and fishing. They farmed in the summer and hauled logs in the winters of 1950-52. (Logs permitted from Riding Mountain National Park.)

They bought their first gravel truck in 1953 and worked for Veterans Construction Limited from 1953 to '59. They went into partnership of Veterans Construction Limited in 1960.

Klas was a Charter Member of Erickson Consumers Co-operative Limited with some organizational meetings held in our home in 1939. He built the present barn and house on the farm and several homes in the district. He also enjoyed his woodworking hobby (brushes and picture frames) that he gave to friends and relatives. Klas received' 'The Order of the Crocus" in 1967.

Klas passed away January 23, 1968, with interment in