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Forces and they are stationed in Lahr, West Germany. Elaine (January 22, 1958) born in Portage la Prairie, is single, lives at home, and is a Service Representative with the Manitoba Telephone System. Noreen (May 10, 1960) is married to Trevor John, She is employed as Clerk Typist at Export Packers in Winnipeg. All three girls received elementary and highschool educations in Portage la Prairie Schools. All three girls also received secretarial training at Red River Community College in Winnipeg.

Anne Elizabeth, the fourth daughter, was born on the home farm. She received her schooling grades 1 to 9 at Tales School and grades 10 and 11 at Erickson High.

. She left school and married William Johnson of Erickson. They have since made their home in Erickson. They have one son, Darryl (November 9, 1946), single and living in Western Canada. Three daughters: Darlene (May 9, 1948) married to Brian Anderson, with five children, Jeri, Tracy, Jody, Jason, and Tara. Brian is employed at Simplot in Brandon where they have made their home; Yvonne (Bonnie) (June 27, 1949) married Kent Hunter. They have two children, Billy and Page, and they live in Prince George, B.C.: Arlette (April 25, 1953) married to Brian Usick, a plumber, with three daughters, Brandy, Brett, and Brook. They reside in Calgary, Alberta. Arlette is a secretary with the Royal bank of Canada. All four children received their elementary and high school educations in Erickson.

Anne began her career after marriage. She worked at different things -- as librarian at the Collegiate, a clerk at the Co-op Store, and then at Erickson Hardware which is now the family business of which she is the manager.

Lyla Patricia, the fifth and youngest daughter, was also born on the home farm. She attended Tales School for Grades 1 to 6 and attended school at Carberry from Grade 7 until graduation at Carberry Collegiate.

Lyla was married to Malcolm Smith on September 2, 1956. They resided in Brandon, Manitoba for five years during which three of their five children were born:

Steven, March 11,1957; Brenda, July 14,1958; Terence, October 9, 1959. They then moved to Killarney, Manitoba, where they resided for 16 years, and where two daughters were born: Karen, October 8, 1963, and Patricia, August 2, 1967 -- their Centennial Project. Since then they have lived in Northern Manitoba at Gillam for 2 1/2 years and are presently at Thompson.

When first married, Malcolm worked for a few months as a television repairman. After this, he was employed by Manitoba Telephone System for whom he is presently working -- 26 years.

Lyla worked as a waitress during her later school years in Carberry at a cafe and then a bakery. Motherhood duties took up most of her time until at Gillam where she worked as a CSR aide at the hospital and then at Thompson general Hospital in the same capacity.

Lyla and Malcolm's children received all or part of their education at Killarney. Steven and Brenda graduated there. Terry completed his education at Gillam, where Karen and Patsy also attended school. Karen graduated from R.D. Parker Collegiate at Thompson and Patsy is presently attending classes there. At the present time, Steven is a full-time student at

Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, and has two sons: Riley, age 5, and Brady, age 3; Brenda is married to Jeffrey Bryan, a welder, and resides in Winnipeg, employed by the Taxation Branch; Terry works for Flyer's Industry; and Karen is a clerk at In­ vestor's Syndicate in Winnipeg.


by Olaf Gronlund

Here is my life story. I arrived in Scandinavia June, 1905 with my mother and two younger brothers Carl and Art. Dad came over the year before. My parents joined the Swedish Lutheran Church after we were settled in Scandinavia and we were confirmed there. Lina was confirmed in the Danvers Church.

The year 1913, Dad bought the N.W. 1/4 section that John Anderson had, with crop. That year we had a good

Carl and Maria and boys.