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public service. Her varied and interesting public service has spanned a period of thirty-two years, and has in­ cluded postings with the Department of External Affairs to Czechoslovakia, Norway, and New York City, as well as twelve years of teaching service in the Canadian Arc­ tic, prior to her retirement in 1974. While her retirement home has now become London, Ontario, Elsie's contact with "Hometown" family, friends and community interests in Erickson has remained constant these many decades.

This family has now grown to over 200 members, scattered over the continent, and includes thirteen nationalities and three races.


by the Family

Gunnar, second son of Erik and Elisabet Hall, farmed until his marriage to Anna Paulsen in 1927. He was then employed with Manitoba Pool Elevators as a grain buyer in Leighton and Birnie, Man. He died while still in Birnie in January, 1945. Anna, with their family of four boys, then moved to Erickson where she still resides.

For many years Anna boarded teachers. She also is an excellent seamstress and augmented her income by sewing for others. She was a Women's Institute member and assisted with the 4-H program as well as being an active church member. Her chief hobby has been quilting and she still enjoys this pastime at age 84.

Their family:

Earle and his wife, the former Helen McMillan, live in Brandon. Earle is working for Manitoba Telephone. They had three children, Paul, Billy and Judy. Billy died when he was six years old. Paul and his wife Jan Ogletree and son Darrel live in MacKenzie, B.C., where Paul is an Industrial Electrician working for B.C. Forest Products. Judy is in university studying for her Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree.

Gunnar and Anna Hall Family. Left to Right: Lome, Dale, Gunnar, Anna, Earle and Wayne.


Lome, or Bud, as he is known, served in the army and fought in the Korean War. He married Rita Evoy of Vernon, B.C. Presently he lives in Chilliwack and works on a barge for Standard Oil delivering oil to ports along the coast. They have three children: Susan and her husband, Dale Eek, live on a farm at Rock Creek, B.C. They have three girls Sara, Elizabeth and Pamela. Gunnar and his wife, Leslie, live in Calgary. He is an Electronic Technician. He received his training for the job in the air force. Anna is at home attending high school.

Dale and his wife Eileen live in Chilliwack, B.C. Eileen is an RN originally from England. They have adopted two boys, Jerry and Calvin. Dale is a barge man, hauling supplies for Standard Oil along the British Columbia coast.

Wayne worked as a clerk and accountant in Co-op stores for several years. While in Birtle, he married Margie Cottingham. In the late 1970's they purchased an insurance agency, Newman Hall Agencies Ltd. in Carman which they operate. They have three children at home: Jonathon, Jane and Miranda.


by the Family

Edwin was born on N.E. 17-1S-1SW the summer the family lived there while their father worked in Danvers. His school years were spent at Tales, following which he remained at home farming with his brothers. Social life centred around the church and he sang second bass in the Bethel male quartette or sextette with his brother Gunnar, Paul and Albin Paulsen, Sigurd Berg, and Ingwald Strand. This was a popular group and they were often invited to sing elsewhere. The Danvers' baseball team was in its heyday in the 20's and he was the pitcher for many years.

In December 1931; he married Pearl North at her home. Pearl was born in Franklin in 1910, and came to Erickson with her family the following year. (refer to North, Albert and Jessie). The first years they rented land, then, in 1944, they purchased the S 1/2 25-18-19W from Albert Dawson. They farmed there until 1956, when they sold the farm to Axel and Dagny Nielsen. After seven years of married life they were blessed with twins, Joan and Janice, born at home while they lived on N.E. IS-18-1SW. They attended the Tales and Erickson Schools.

The family were all members of Bethel Lutheran Church and involved in all its activities. Edwin often filled in for the pastor in the pulpit, especially during vacancies between pastorates. He and Pearl both taught Sunday School, Pearl enjoyed the women's organizations and Luther League was a monthly highlight.

On leaving the farm they moved to Virden where Edwin was an International Harvester dealer. Here again he served as a lay pastor, welcomed into the Presbyterian Church. After a few years he sold the business and went into a full-time ministry. He was Lay-Minister for the Presbyterian Church at Hartney, Dauphin, and Lenore in Manitoba. They were then called to Prince Albert,